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Shortest Cycle You've Done with Proper Gains?


I have 3 month until TRT clinic wants bloods. Not sure I have enough time for a short T only cycle and get back to normal blood lvls for my checkup.
What say you? 8 weeks on then 4 weeks to return to normal? Do-able, worth it?


Test suspension can be used for 4 weeks with nice results. Test prop 6-8 weekers works. Not giving advice on doses, cycle or anything however yea one can cycle for shorter periods of time. I personally think if using high doses of gear (in my opinion anything over 350mg/wk) then the shorter the better as it minimises the amount of time spent on potentially damaging doses.


Eight weeks is certainly long enough for you to make some gains.


I have been curious about that myself. After I can get some weight off me I am real tempted to have at least one blast to see how it feels. Was thinking I wouldn’t be able to blast long enough and get my blood back down to “normal” for the 3 month labs.


Give yourself three weeks to return to normal numbers, if using test e. Or just blast with prop and you can run it higher for 10 weeks and be good to go for blood work.


This. E and C are about the same, and I have run eight weeks of C, then dropped it and had no problem with my blood tests being wacky. You can run eight weeks of 500 a week, and then drop to normal for two weeks, then cut your last shot a bit, and your numbers should end up around the same.


How much would you recommend cutting off the last shot? Just take 10-20% off something along that line just to play it safe?


Thanks guys for your ideas and suggestions.
I’m not going to risk my scripts so until I know for sure my bloods will look good on my 6 month checkup. My plan is 300mg/wk T cyp 100 x 3 M/W/F for 8 weeks then go back to my normal TRT dose of 120mg/wk. I will probably buy a private mini blood test for TT FT E2 prolactin and HCT. If my blood pressure climbs toward the end I will donate a pint and if that happens I will add ferritin to the mini test.
I took some before picts but will only post a before/after if I see gains worthy enough to promote a 8 week mini.
If my bloods workout I will have a little more experience with how all the works for my body, you guys know the saying everybody is different, I will give 500mg/wk mini a try.