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Shorter Rest Periods with 30-10-30

Hi Doc

With my limited home gym equipment, getting the rest periods down to 20 seconds is going to be almost impossible in most situations. Even 30 seconds will be a challenge. I don’t want to miss out on the positive anabolic impact of the shorter rest periods. Where there’s no chance of moving from one movement to another that quickly, should I do an aerobic activity, e.g. 50 jump ropes in between those movements? Or should I just focus on trying to move as quickly as possible, however long it takes? Thanks.

I suggest listing your equipment and getting some ideas from the contributors on this page in creating a productive routine using 30-10-30 with the rest periods advised.

I have a set of PowerBlock 120lb adjustable dumbbells, a bench & an EZ curl bar. What’s hard is when I have to go from say the 50s to the 35s. That involved releasing the pins, pulling out the interchangeable weights & reinserting the pins. That just can’t be done in 20 seconds.

Hi gatorcpa,

I have similar concerns re time in between excercises, in order to fulfill the requirements. My solution is adaptation, meaning doing it as quick as I can, prioritizing form. This cut my routine about 10 mins compared to before. Always something.

Also, what I’ve learned from Dr Darden over time in this forum - is to make your routine personalized and not to fear experimentation. Btw, something Mark seem to have put into perfection.

Best of luck!

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Shorter rest intervals will make the workout feel much more challenging, which could contribute to psychological satisfaction (i.e., some people like the challenge of pushing themselves). It might increase the cardiovascular conditioning benefits somewhat, because it keeps oxygen demand elevated. Less certain that it actually improves anabolism.

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