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Shorter Rest Periods for Supplemental Work?

Are the supplemental sets supposed to have shorter rest periods, and be very tough on the last set? (Built up fatigue). Or is it better to try to stay fresh throughout the sets?

I think a lot of that depends on which supplemental you’re doing. If you’re doing FSL 5 x 5 you shouldn’t really build much fatigue. FSL 5 x 10 you’re gonna be tired by the end. Widowmaker? Good luck. SSL 5 x 5 should feel heavy but probably shouldn’t grind. You should take shorter rest with supplemental than 5/3/1, but not at the expense of performance.

Shorter compared to what? Sometimes the supplemental work can be harder than the main sets and definitely harder than assistance. If you are doing BBB @ FSL its most likely not going to be short.

I do a supplemental set (5x10), take a fews breaths, then do an assistance (let’s say 10 pull ups). I aim to get all 5 supplemental sets/assistance supersets done in no more than 20 minutes. I try to do the supplemental sets as explosively as possible, and aim for bar speed.

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It is true that short rest periods reduce the number of reps that can be achieved on each set, and this reduces the total volume (sets x reps) and volume load (sets x reps x weight) that is accomplished over a long-term training program.

Thanks for the responses