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Shortened Clavicle Issue HELP!!!!

  When i was younger i broke my left clavicle. Now I'm 30 years old & rehabbing. I had c5-c6 fusion 05/06 & left shoulder impingement surgery (no tears) 11/06. Everything has been going great but i still am having problems activating my lower traps once my arms pass 90 degrees. 

MY ART practioner has been working with me for sometime now. He still cannot figure out why I’m not 100%. We both were wondering if my shortened clavicle had anything to do with my problems & some opions about what i need to change.

Currently I am using a foam roller & tennis ball for stretching through out the day. I also do the inside out routine before every workout. I’v been mainly focusing on scapula exercises (facepulls, external rotations,side lying raises & rowing variations.

My chest day is only decline press, & push ups. For legs front squats, pull throughs & rack pulls. for abs i do serratus crunches, reverse crunches, thoracic rotations.

Could greatly use some feed back about my shortened clavicle effect & any advise on changing/adding to my routine.