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Shortage of Test Enthante?

I got my last vial at CVS but now they are out and says the manufacturer says it is on back order- i can’t take cyponiate because i have a reaction to the cotton seed oil


Other pharmacies have connections with different distributors.

Sam’s Club
compounding pharmacies

go search!

yes… did that search and found some at Walgreens… only to find out it is too soon for my refill. darn, i like to stock up i guess! my dr did do an order with a compounded pharm for depo in seasme oil. … waiting to see what the price will be like. i want more dela just incase my body doesn’t like the depo… i think i am obsessing too much… i also got a little rx for testo subling drops-- since i am female and only need tiny doses… it seems hardly worth it to inject 4 or 5mg 2x a week - although i have a feeling i really like the effects of the injections better. we’ll see the dr said i would have less chance of getting polycy with the sub lingual drops- i dont believe that actually because i got it with gel - i wish i could take a slightly larger dose than what i am taking- as it really helps with the CFIDS’ low enegery … but my hdl has already gone down to 28 and i know if i go up the RBC will too…

i do like being able to exercise,… i did 35mins (2.5miles) btwn elliptical and treadmill on monday… i know that isn’t alot but for me it is and the fact i had energy to shower and prepare food afterword was /is pretty amazing to me.

sorry for the ramble! thanks

ps- i managed to get a 8mg sub q injection in this am… with the 1ml syringe… still needing to get the 1/2ml… but with the depo script it will be 100mg/ml… so should be easier to measure-