Shortage of Test Cyp in NY?

Hey guys. Anyone run into doc who won’t allow a take home in New York? I’m on long island and having issues

Usually that means they’re wanting to be able to charge you for a visit each time you come in, which is obviously great for them since it takes 3 minutes to give you the shot

Is he giving you a reason why he won’t allow you to do the injection yourself? Is that his position until things are settled down or is he always going to require that?

I live in Manhattan and was able to get Test Cyp. My doc (an Endo) allows take-home and gives me extra (4 vials/month total at 1mL each and I only use ~2.5), similar to some other guys on this forum. I’ve never had to go into the office for injections.

Typically you have to pay for a take home. Now it is being limited to 1 take home at a time. They said they don’t want to run out because of the pandemic. I was just curious if anyone had similar issue

That sounds like a joke. What’s a take home? One dose?

This is exactly why I tried stockpiling as much as I could

Yea. You can get one dose at doc and take one dose home. That all.

That’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t stay at that clinic another week.

You can get T shipped to your door (mine is 10ml of 220mg/ml) for $150/month using a Anti-aging Clinic. I did this when I lived in NYC. Never had to worry about shit.

Do they ship a bottle every month for that price or at the frequency you actually need to average out to 200mg/week or whatever?

I get two 5ml bottles of 220mg/ml compounded T every 7 to 8 weeks.

What Dr do you go to on long island?