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Shortage of HCG?


Finally got the Doc to prescribe HCG, cannot find generic available. I can get Novarel but at $160-170 for 10ml. Insurance won't pay for it, and I cannot afford that monthly with all the other meds I have to pay for. All the local pharms Wahlgreens, CVS, Sams, Costco, etc... cannot get generic. I need a place to get it on script, anyone?


I got mine from dubious sources. About fifty bucks for more than I think I'll ever use.

Sorry, insurance/medical industry! Just like the internet Nazis, you've been routed around.


ADC all the way. The Dr's who I consult with are now sending their patients there since I mentioned it. It's saving them a lot of money.


Yeah I've gotten a few things from ADC, they are really good. The shipping kinda sucks ($25) if I remember correctly, but if you can stock up for the long haul its not too bad.


I just found out about a local compounding pharmacy, called and asked about getting Pregnyl. I was told that they compound their own. It is premixed and lasts for 6 months. I asked if it was exactly the same, as most Hcg mixes state that they last 30 days. She said that they put a preservative in it and it is exactly the same. Anyone have knowledge of this or have used this type of Hcg?