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Short winstrol cycle

Hey guys, I was thinking of doing either a 2/4 or straight cycle of Stanazolic January-March. I am 6’2, 195, ~8%. I was thinking of injecting 150mg EOD for days 1-13 and then 40mg orally every day through day 42. I was thinking of doing this twice. I’m not interested in getting bigger, only harder and stronger. I have a powerlifting meet in May and was wondering if I would clear by that time. Would a straight 6 wk cycle be better for this? I am looking to keep this cycle fairly cheap $400 for the juice and up to $200 more for Tribex, milk thistle, etc. By the way, I’m 22 and have had previous experience with Test, Deca, DBol, and a few others. I have been lifting since age 12 and have been competitive powerlifting for 7 years. Most of the year I follow a powerlifting routine, with a few weeks of bodybuilding here and there. Somebody please help me out. Also, should I throw in some Clomid for shits and giggles, and to cut down on water? I want to look sickenly shredded for Cancun in March. I have been down to 5% before naturally, but I want to be a freak at the beach. Thanks for anyones help.