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Short/Weak Surgery Recovery Cycle Help

I’m just finishing a cycle to help get over a hernia surgery. I’m 34, bodybuilder, 6’ 240. I haven’t been ‘on’ in many years. I wanted to minimize the effects of the surgery, so at the prompting of a friend, took 2 IU of GH a day and 100-125 mg of test phenyl prop for 5 weeks. I’ve stayed on the GH but I’ve been off the test for 2 1/2 weeks (7.5 weeks total since surgery). Though my friend told me my natural production wouldn’t really drop at 100 mg and that short of duration, I just noticed what seems to be a pretty big drop in labido and feel crummier the last 2 days, plus I got pretty sick last week. I’ve got a sweet vacation planned for this weekend, and this is just bad timing, unless it’s in my head (i doubt that). Any recommendations on how I can treat this? Will clomid help in time? Should I just go back on if I don’t want to be a limp dick?