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Short Time off for Injury, Coming Back?

This might seem like a stupid question, but here goes. I hurt my right upper hamstring a couple weeks back while I was lifting, not sure how. I kept lifting for the past couple weeks, going through the pain.

Now i’ve decided to take off at least 5 days, maybe more depending on how slow I heal. I’m doing SS, and my question is when I do come back, do I start out at a slightly lighter weight then I was when I stopped, or should I just jump straight back into where I left off?

Also, when squatting, is it normal for your back to be sore after the squats? If its not, then somethings wrong with my squat form. (im doing 250 3x5 if that makes any difference)

If your form is good and you’re not injured do as heavy a weight as possible.

If you don’t know if your form is good, post video.

If you don’t know if you’re injured, consult physician.