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Short Test Prop Only Cycle

Short test prop only cycle.

What do you guys think of a series of short test prop only cycles? Im thinking 2-3 weeks on, 3-4 off. My reasoning, i have anxiety and am prone to depression, i dont want to have a major low in natural test when coming off.

This is my first cycle and have done a large amount of researching.

To clarify things…

The shortness should eliminate the need for PCT and anit e’s?

Should decrease the intensity potential sides?

If i dont respond well, i can easily stop the cycle?

I know pyramiding is a thing of the past, but what about halving the amount on the last 2-3 days of the cycle.

And lastly, an injection once every two days or a smaller injection every day. Yes i know im going to be a pin cushion. I have not yet decided on a dosage.

Once again, this is my first cycle, so im going to go pretty light. Im not too worried about major gains at this point in time, more of a whats gonna happen type deal.

if you want to keep things more stable then ED injects would be better than EOD no?

i have no idea if you are a suitable person to be using though…you haven’t given us any stats or goals or planned doses…these are all very important.