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Short Test E Cycle and Clen


Hi. I am thinking of doing a short cycle of test e alone. 6weeks max. This is my 2nd time doing a cycle. My 1st cycle was 10weeks test e and 2weeks dbol for kickstart. I had attained great results. I've been lifting for 6years.

My stats are. Age:24, 130lbs, 5"4. I dont know exactly my BF%, but I think Im 15% or below.
Diet: In a week. 4days no-low carb. 2days moderate carb. 1day cheatday
Protein 140-200g. Moderate Carb 50-100g. Low Carb 40g below.
Bench, Deadlift are 1.5x bodyweight
Squat 1xbodyweight (I have knee issues)
Will purposely overtrain for Week 2-5

So here it goes.
Week 1-5: 600mg/week
Week 5-6: 500mg
PCT: Clomid or Nolva
2 weeks on and off: Clenbuterol

The last time I ran my test e cycle. I didnt have an AI on hand that time, no gyno issues though.
Now, I've been thinking of adding L-Dopa throughout the cycle, regarding estrogen and possible libido loss.

Why did I choose test only and short cycle? I am aware that I can maximize gains by adding other compounds, but I want to keep it simple and shorten recovery time.

What will I expect from the end of my cycle? More progress in terms of strength and hypertrophy compared to a test-e free 6 weeks.I really don't expect huge results

Hoping for your suggestions and opinions. Thank Yoi.


At least run prop instead. Looks like a mess honestly. I would do more research.


Cycle way too short for test-e. I would run prop and would think about bumping up to 8-10 weeks.

Run an AI, not having gyno doesn’t mean anyhting. Get bloodwork before during and after.