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Short Test Cycle


What do you guys think about this first cycle:

Test E 750mg 1st week
Test P 100mg EOD starting 2nd week - 4th week
Dbol days 1-5 25mg ED

  • This will be a bulking cycle and it will only be for a month, i am still undecided about my pct and still doing some research on my pct, this will be my first cycle.. Any help/suggestions/opinions will be appreciated..


Sell the test E for some more d-bol and prop, then run somthing like this
week 1-6 100mg prop eod
week 1-4 25mg d-bol ed
week 7-9 50mg clomid ed
*keep some novladex on hand


Sasquatch is right on.

Cut out the test e.

You didn't say how many cycles you have ran, and that will determine wether you go with 50mg or 100mg ed of prop.
Shoot that shit every day!

50mg prop ed weeks 1-5
30-40mg dbol weeks 1-5
adex at .5mg ed wks 1-8

Something like that. I hope I got everything right, I've been staring at this freakin computer all day!



the cycle sasquatch outlined is a better option. consider running a moderate dose of a-dex or letro during.


Thanx a lot, being my first cycle ever, i would keep it simple.

Training very heavy and eating a ton, how much weight should i expect to gain?

Is the cycle recommended by sasquatch99 better for my goals(bulking)?

Nolvadex should be kept on hand in case any gyno appears? how much should i take in case it does appear?

How much of adex should i take during the cycle?

Once again thanx a bunch...

New short test cycle:

week 1-6 100mg prop eod
week 1-4 25mg d-bol ed
week 7-9 50mg clomid ed
*keep some novladex on hand


That sounds right on, run the adex at .5 mg/ed.


any other suggestions/opinions? any help will be appreciated...thanx


WELL....I am also starting a bulking cycle jan. 30, And i am going to try to add 300-400cal a week to what I'am eating now to maintain/gain. I am 240 right now sitting at 12.7%bf So It might look somthing like this

4500cal week 1
4900cal week 2
5200cal week 3
5500cal week 4

ect all the way through week 8 for me....then I will try to maintain my calories for a few weeks through pct. Like I said this is somthing I'am going to try, It may not work, or it may work great? Who knows? Just thought I'd throw it out there.


Is the amount of dbol that i will be taking be hard on my liver?


No the the 25 mg ed of dbol is only a moderate dose and you will be running it for only 4 weeks so you should be fine. Keep the fluid intake high to help as well.