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Short Test Cycle Question


Looking to do a short (8 weeks) test cycle (I may add some npp). If I want to get benefits as quick as possible and get clear as quick as possible at the end to move on to reasonable pct. Should I start and end cycle with Prop (or maybe even suspension if available) and run enanthate through the middle?

Or is transitioning to different esters during a short cycle going to make it too difficult to keep test levels somewhat level. If you would recommend this how would you do it?


The first and only cycle I ran so far was consisted of 6 weeks of test enanthate and the last three weeks of test prop. It was prisoner22 recommendations to finish with prop since prop is such a short acting ester I was able to start my pct the day after my last shot. My pct went great and I kept most of my gains. I have no other cycle to compare that to but that was just my experiance. I do have to say that ed prop shots for 3 weeks hurt like a bitch. Good luck bro


No Mercy, What was your dosage? What kind of size and strength gains did you get out of it? Can't prop be effective on a eod schedule as opposed to ed? Three weeks seems like a long time to be on prop waiting for the enan to clear, why so long?

Looking forward to other responses from the usual suspects.


My dosage was 500mg a week of test enanthate and 80mg a day of test prop. I gained about 20 pounds and kept about 15. I could have gained more if my calories were higher but summer was approaching and I dident want to put on to much fat. EOD prop shots are also effective, however I wanted to minimize sides as much as possible by keeping my blood levels as stable as possible therfore shooting every day.


as already mentioned....test E for minimum of 6 weeks (if HPTA health is your ultimate concern)....then run prop at least EOD for 3 weeks after.

for a first cycle, 6-8 weeks of test E at 500 mg/week followed by 3 weeks of prop at 100 mg EOD will work great. i'd suggest a frontload on week one to speed things up. also consider a d-bol jumpstart, 25 mg ED will be fine for the first 4 weeks. run an AI during your cycle, you'll be glad you did.


Juice (and other vets), so you are saying extend total cycle to 9 weeks?

Questions about your response:

  1. why 3 weeks of prop? Since I'm gonna take modest doses and short duration of enan shouldn't it clear ALOT quicker than 3 weeks?

2.If going eod on prop is 100mg enough? That would take my test down to 300 week (I'm 5-10 220#).

3.Rather than front load enan to "speed things up" why not just use the prop on the front end to jumpstart (similar to your recommendation of Dbol)?

4.What do you think about adding in some npp? Would it substantially increase my gains or for a first cycle am I going to do just as well with test alone?


not saying extend 9 weeks. do 6-8 of the enan (again 6 is the minimum, and is best if you are concerned about HPTA health...but 8 would be fine)..followed by 3 weeks of prop. the reasoning being that you can continue to use test and keep somewhat stable blood levels while your longer estered test is clearing.

  1. it may clear quicker, but why waste a week of clomid therapy if it hasn't cleared sufficiently? do the extra week of prop and BE SURE that your long acting ester has cleared. then you'll be primed for PCT 3 days after your last prop shot.

  2. 100 mg EOD will be fine IMO. remember, you'll still have the enan in your system at appreciable levels for 2-3 weeks after the last inject.

  3. frontloads enable you to reap the benefits of long acting gear in a shorter time period. instead of waiting 4-5 weeks for the enan to "kick in", you may only wait 3 weeks with the FL. the jumpstart is a seperate entity. you could use prop for this purpose, or d-bol. the jump is used to fill the gap between your first few weeks of the cycle and when your gear kicks in.

  4. i personally wouldn't add the npp. stick with test or test/d-bol. keep it as simple as possible for your first.

just my opinion bro. get some more.