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Short Term Methoxy 7 Usage?

Hopefully I can hear from somebody out there in my position. Would there be any benefit to short term usage of 2tbsp/2 times a day of methoxy 7? If I were to use it for 2 weeks would I notice some decent gains and maintain them after cessation? Any comments appreciated.

Just used it in high doses for 1 week after 2nd Androsol cycle, and not only kept the 10lbs gained, but added two more. After my first Androsol cycle I didn’t use methoxy after and lost over half the gains within 10 days. Definitely great for use post-cycle (with lots of tribex).

I don’t think such a short-term usage would make a noticeable difference in your training,at least based on my personal usage.However,I have only used other brands of methoxy-7…Biotest’s may be that much better.I would use it for at least 6-8 weeks before making any sort of judgment.

I used methoxy 7 for 2 weeks gaining about 3 or 4lbs, and kept 2 according to my weight a couple weeks later. Anybody else?