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Short Term Investment


I'm looking for some advice. I would like to put some money into a short term investment that has the best interest rate I can find but also allows me to have acess to that money if and when I need it. Does anyone have any ideas?


bank account at a solid bank is your best bet right now


Thanks for the response. I assumed that would be the best option.


Its unfortunate right now.

You could also look into a somewhat safe stock with a decent dividend like Johnson and Johnson, or a bit riskier with verizon

best of luck


FNBO Direct has good terms and among the highest rates, currently 1.65%. Of course that sucks but that's how it goes now. No minimum deposit and can withdraw any time after the first 10 days or something like that.


wow that is a low return. I was hoping for at least 5%.


Yea no kidding, I would not believe much right now, shit is too unstable. BTW, big ass arm in your avatar.


what can i do with $10,000?

you dont have to get super specific


I would keep it for now dude, shit is too topsy turvy right now. I moved some money around and lost a bunch thinking I could predict the market and economy.


put it under your mattress lol


In this economy unfortunately "safe", "easy access" and "good interest rate" are mutually exclusive terms.

Your best bet is probably an actual savings account at your bank. You might get 1.5 or 2%, if you're lucky.

If it were me, I'd wait for this bull rally to subside and the DOW to fall to 6000 or less, then buy some excellent companies which have had the shit beat out of them in the recession. Johnson and Johnson, Procter and Gamble, etc. A bit riskier but if I wanted a higher chance of reward it might be Tenaris or Alcoa. Some people seem to think Natural gas is poised for a huge comeback...UNG looks pretty tempting.

Given the uncertainty of the economy though you're probably better playing it safe.


Either by Gold, or put it down as a down payment on a house, and rent it out.


Maximusb....thanks for the arm compliment and the advice. This market is pretty wild.

brother chris....What part of kansas are you from?



Invest to your body or higher education. Both give you more than money.