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Short Term Housing


If one wanted to stay somewhere for 5 - 6 weeks but didn't want to pay the ridiculous rates that the hotels charge what are the other options?

Try to find someone willing to do month to month rental ?( seems impossible, no luck so far..)



craiglist bro, hit it up.


or sometimes there are things like boarding hostels or more longstay accommodation.


Find a woman that can be manipulated easily, sweet talk her and then tell her you're staying at her place for 5 to 6 weeks. Act like you own the place the entire time, throw parties, and generally disrespect her at every opportunity. When it comes time to move out, do something completely heinous that demoralizes her to no end and sends her into a deep state of psychosis that ultimately results in years of failed therapy and finally her taking her own life.


what... the hell... is wrong with you!? hahaha


I think he's a vegan.


You mean like taking a dump in her family photo album?


Pfft woman please, I had screws loose way before I adopted a plant based diet. I have let the Vegan Super Powers go to my head though...


That's pretty tame...but feces should be involved without a doubt.


I concur, it makes sense that you would need to have some screws loose to become a vegan. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can't really argue with you on that one.



no bullshit.

have had good experiences with it. both crashing and hosting.


you only get three strikes until they take your powers away... (movie reference)


A girl I know traveled has been to many countries doing that. In exchange, she also hosts people who pass by here.