Short Term Arimidex

I used .5 mg Arimidex per week for three weeks. The cycle itself was test E 600 for 10 weeks. I also used 100 mg clomid.

After I got my post cycle labs, my E2 was super low, like <6 pg/ml. I read on this site that when its that low it can cause damage to lipids, but long term damage even when your E2 rebounds???

It’s been about two years and my E2 and Test are back to normal but my LDL is still messed up. It was 77 mg/dl and has been stuck around 130-140. Fortunately, my HDL is back to 80 and triglycerides are good.

Any thoughts? thanks

Your fine. I won’t even tell you what mine was

for what it’s worth, i read an article a few weeks ago, that inferred that HDL is what matters, IRT cholesterol, and the total number does not accurately predict mortality…