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Short Sharp Workout


ok, training wise i have been abit slack and inconsistent and have limited time. What im looking at doing is a power clean/fr squat/push press combo 3 reps of each, today i did 80kg with each individually to start with, working on form and avoid the next day soreness. My short term goal is to use 80kg/175lb for 3 reps of each continuous, so 3 power cleans then 3 front squats and then 3 push pressers.

For now im going to work on doing 1 rep of each for a few work outs the progress for 2reps of each then onto the 3 reps of each. Im hoping to get some good allround strength and fitness. Past experiences i have been breathing like a steam train after a total of 9 reps, so it tickles the cardio.

Long term i would like to use 90kg/200lbs in the 3 exercise combo, my PB for 1 rep is 120kg/265lb in powerclean/pushpress. Hopefully i can train 2-3 times a week.
appreciate any other suggestions.



abit stiff today but overall feel good. I was racking my brain to think where i first read about the pcl/frsq/ppress combo, it was in one of brooks kubiks articles and he states that a top level oly lifter use to use 250lbs in the combo for 3 reps of each. The original article i think was , is 250lbs enough weight to train with. So if a top level oly lifter uses 250lbs then poor old me shooting for 200lbs sounds reasonable. anyone else used a similar combo to train with?



Nope - but I'm interested to see how it works out - so to speak. Seems like it would cover all the bases.


Ok, work out 2, went pretty well. After a set of overhead squats for a warm up i did 3reps each on my complex with 60kg which felt easy, although puffing abit to hard for my liking, but improving conditioning is what im after with this. next i did 2 reps each in the complex with 70kg, kept good technique throughout. Then 80kg which is the short term goal weight i just did 1 rep each in the complex and it was quite smooth. Strength isnt going to be a problem but may need to alter my volume for my goal and aim for completing the 3rep complex with 80kg for 3 sets with a few minutes rest in between complexes.

i did finish off with 3 reps in the pclean, then did a pcl and 3 fr squats and then racked the bar and did 3 ppress's. I will give it a few more workouts before i put it all together and do a 3rep complex with 80kg, after todays workout i dont think it will take me long. The bodybuilder in me did finish with a set of db curls, but this wont happen as it gets harder, lol. Its nice to get through a workout in 20-30minutes and feels like a workout, bugger those 2hour marathons. back to work tomorrow so have to fit in a work out sometime in the next few days which shouldnt be too hard to find 20 minutes.