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Short Pre-Comp Oly Lifting Phase

While I usually cycle between different CW programs and others about every 3-4 weeks, in preparation for a lumberjack sports competition I have coming up, I’ve spent the last 2 weeks doing olympic lifting every other day. The workouts look pretty much like the following (with some variation depending on the day):

Clean (including full front squat drop)- 15 single reps working at about 80-90 percent predicted maximum, taking ~45-60 seconds per rest per rep.

Clean + Jerk for 9 singles, same parameters as stated above.

Romanian DL for 12, (3x4) OR Snatch for 12 singles.

At the end I have been finishing by doing barbell shoulder presses for 2 sets to failure at a load of about 70 percent 1RM.

After I’ve completed 2 of the above workouts, I’ve been taking a day to perform 5 x 5 at 80% 1RM “Beach exercises” where I do bench, curls, basically whatever else I deem appropriate (trying to avoid large compound movements on this day). After this beach day, I plan on completing 2 or 3 more of the Olympic lifting sessions, and then going to comp.

My reasons for doing this are to give my muscles a break, but to still keep my CNS and strength on its toes.

What do you all think of this program as a pre-contest program? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fine tune this program so that I may use it again effectively before competition?

-Thanks in advance

21 yrs old, 245-250 lbs, training for approximately 4 years, 2 years seriously.