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Short Poem with Meaning


Only to know
I know the step I must take
I've got to follow what i know
I look for ways to change.
But only to know
I change from the start
I know what I have to do
I've got to finish what I started

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Just bring up the rear delts a little


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It doesn't rhyme. And it's ghey.


Sounds as if you're on the verge of failing...

Poem Fail.


bland. srsly

theres no emotion, no metaphors give it some character.


As BBB says, it's a start.

I suspect it may have more meaning to you though than what you have managed to put across in your words.

Keep writing, keep trying, props for posting up what you have for the hoards to criticise.


Looks great so far ~

I hope you add some depth to it. I'm amazed that you posted it here. You've got courage! Bravo.

Keep it up, CJ.



You should not be writing poetry. If you must, keep it carefully hidden.


That's as maybe Vic, but neither should you be trying to hypnotise me with your avatar!


at least you're trying to write

this is for your critics
tell em what you think

those that fear to try fail
so they criticize those that attempt
you hear them all cry and wail
and treat others with contempt
you and I know the fears
ones like these have in their hearts
so just ignore their jealous sneers
and tell them to sniff your farts


Walt Whitman just rolled in his grave...


My teacher thinks that I can write. Does that make me a writer? No, it just makes me good at knowing how to write for my teacher. I am not a writer, and I accept that fact. It's ok.


Bad place to debut your poetry.


my 9 year old cousin could have written this.


Walt Whitman would be madly in love with the idea of bad poetry on the internet. He would also enjoy the homoerotic undertones of this website.

I am certain of this.


Self Discovery-Personal Triumph


Needs Squats + Milk.


I'm the Hiphopotamus,
My lyrics are bottomless...