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Short people

I need some inputs from some short T-men in this forum. I am 5’6. I would like to know how big am i should be without being seen by other people as too big or too bulky that makes me even look shorter.

Some body measurements will be helpful with height around 5’6 and well-built especially biceps and abs since it’s the easiest to measure.

This will help me to achieve my goal.

Thank’s everyone.

How muscular you can get without looking
too big or too bulky has a lot to do with
how much fat you let yourself carry.

If you go around at 20%, you may look like
a fat slob and “too big” even with very little
muscular development.

If you go around at 6%, you could go around
at 170 and look great, with few people thinking
you were too big.

15.5" or 16" neck, arms, calves, 23" or 24" thighs measured at midpoint, 31" waist would look aesthetic. Smaller waist would be okay
if your hips are narrow (ideal would be
a waist/hip ratio of 0.90). If your butt is
fat now you ought to figure hip size as decreasing in planning your changes.

I tried doing the same kind of thing when I started out, planning on measurements to attain, weights to be able to lift, but really the thing to do is go out there and train everything the best you can, and only cut back
if something is clearly overproportioned.

Bill I’m curious, where did you get your ideal waist/hip ratio of .90 from?

I’m 5,3 my stats are Arms,Calves,Neck 15", Chest 43, Waist 30, legs 23". I have small joints, BF at 10%, IB 170. However I look ok and still aesthetic, I think I could easily go up to a cut IB 200 and still look good.

The .90 ratio is something that has been kicked around for some time and seems well-established as the ideal proportion for a male. (For a woman, 0.67 is ideal.)

It may have originally been derived from Greek statues but also in general men that have that proportion look like they are correctly proportioned in that regard, whereas wider hips relative to the waist do not look as good.