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Short people got good reason to smile

Man I gotta post here too on this thread since I’m like 5’5" on a good day (ok I’m still in denial).
I agree with the calorie intake and the proportions but lets not forget this, most people in the gym are interested in the numbers that you lift say you weigh 220lbs and are 6’ and can deadlift 500lbs and I weigh 150lbs and can deadlift 370lbs then everyone comes round the big guy and says WELL DONE MAN thats 500lbs!! But they dont realise that pound for pound I was lifting more!
Ok so I got a chip on my shoulder…lol But this actually makes me train harder in the gym, if I aint gettin any taller I may as well get a little wider.

Also I might be being a little harsh here but I think the whole limb length thing making it difficult to lift is somewhat BS and the reason being that everyone is used to carrying their own body and weight, your muscles are larger if you are taller and as a whole everything should be held in place properly no matter what size you are.

I think the perfect height to be is about 5’10 but then again who wants to be AVERAGE!!!

I know not me… .

My name on T-Nation ain’t LittleJay for nuthin!

5’3" (okay, I’am actually 5’3 3/4", but that sounds like I’m in complete denial), 165lbs and “pound for pound” a strong little man…Big friggin’ deal, boyz!

I’d much rather be 6 feet tall and the same weight. As for me having it easier, well most of what’s been said here is fairly accurate. Most.

But here are the following top 10 reasons being short sucks!!!

  1. short guys get nicknames like “mini-me” and “stubby” in the gym. EVERY gym!

  2. short guys are passed over many times by many beautiful women because of this one (little) flaw…sob, wahhhh!

  3. without bizzare genetics on our side, we will never lift as much as a 6 footer who trains as hard, eats as big, and is as smart as we are.

  4. the money saved on our mini-sized meals is pennies, at best. For the most part, this is a weight issue, not height. Besides, we can’t reach half the stuff we want (on the top shelves)at the grocery.

  5. we have trouble getting bartenders to pay attention to us, because they can’t friggin see us unless we step up on the stool. Dammit.

  6. everyone knows we have, at best, average sized shlongs…but they do look bigger on us!

  7. we can’t reach the friggin chin-up bar without jumping. Stop laughing, we hear you!

  8. we can’t “work in” with the taller guys at the squat rack because we can’t get our shoulders up high enough to reach the fucking bar…DAMMIT!

  9. tall guys keep walking into us, usually hitting their knees on our heads.

  10. …we can’t reach the Biotest products on the top shelf at the local GNC (shameless plug!)

Jay, that’s hilarious man

Secondly, I take the title as tallest so far. I’m 6’8" and 266 lbs. Oh, and just in case anyone’s wondering, size 16 shoes.

Third, tall guys are at a disadvantage for lifting-especially in the strength issue. We have to work more to lift the same weight as a short person. Just a little physics lesson: Work= force x distance. Us tall guys, with our long-ass-limbs have to push/pull the weight over a longer distance than a short person. Therefore, we do more work. Just some proof that tall guys work harder than short ones.

man, I forgot the whole female attraction thing. The ladies do prefer taller guys (or so they ALL tell me), or maybe I need to stop whoring myself out as much?? hehe. Plus, if you date a really short girl, they are almost the right height…can ya dig?

“Lookin massive steele. _uck sometimes I wish I was shorter. We’re the same weight but I’m 6’2 so it looks a little different. Well chicks usually like taller guys, plus my willy is probably bigger so who cares. J/K:-)” (Quote by Wideguy on different thread)

That pretty well sums it up…

LOL… Just to add something to LittleJay point #7; I do chinups on the smith machine…lol stop laughing

For preacher curls or seated rows I have to bring the seat up, for leg curls I have to move the pad lower down, for cable pulldowns I cant bring the weight down if I am lifting more than my own weight because I cant keep my feet on the floor and hook my knees under the seat, OH and today I was in the showers and someone started to open the door and walk into my friggin cubicle because he couldnt see my head above the door and assumed it was vacant!!!
I have sooo many more to add to this!

Yeah, Shorty…one of the worst situations is when you’re waiting for a tall freak to finish his set on the leg press, and you have to ask…or beg…him to set the foot-rest at the lower level so you can friggin reach it when you start your set.

Then the questions roll: Hey short stuff, you want me to take some weight off that for ya? Hey, LJ…do you need me to hoist you up to that chin-up bar when you’re done with the presses?

I have seen intense, proud guys break out in hysterical laughter when I make this request. It’s damn humiliating…but after 31 years of being a small-fry, I’ve developed amazingly thick skin. Oh, goodie!

Oh, and how about this factoid: going bald is bad enough, but it’s HELL when you’re short! Everyone can see your thinning hair.

That’s it…I’m done with this thread, cause now I’m all depressed.

One more…

Some urinals are a friggin’ bitch to reach when you’re short.

So much for the “advantages” of being short in the gym…

“I read an article about how short dudes are paying huge coin to have their legs broken and the go through some agonizing and long process so that they can grow a few inches!!!”

the runt from weezer had this done, stupidest thing i ever heard, just deal with what you have

“Must be the I wanna feel protected by a bigger (taller and larger, not in the sense of fatter) than me instinct.”

You got that right! I’m just shy of 5’11" and there is nothing I love more than sporting a pair of 3-4 inch heels! It’s an all day calves workout! Plus I don’t want a man that I have to protect or look down on.

Being tall kicks ass. Sure it sucks in the gym, I’m pushing as much weight as a smaller guy next to me, but everyone notices the tall guy. I’m 6’4", not that tall amongst the tall T-men here, but very rarely is there someone taller than me in the gym, I think alot of tall boys gave up and went home it seems. People here said muscle on a tall boy is more impressive, I think even more so since most tall guys are either really skinny or really fat. I dont see tall built doods too often, especially white boys. So I like being in that club.

Ericka, hey, 5’11" is cool, I am 6, but quite frankly with 3-4 inches high heels, youd be looking down on me too.

I won`t call this unfair competition, but we simply have no equivalent in the shoe/boot department that can give us that edge (except platforms of the 70s, and they look soooooooo stupid, worst I have seen were the ones where you had a built in aquarium and a little red fish, no shit!). At best, maybe we can get 1-1 1/2 inch more with hiking/Caterpillar boots, but it about ends there.

Oh well, survival of the tallest. Which is fine, since I dont want children anyway. But Ill keep practicing. A man`s gotta keep his few good talents well honed. ;0)

The other day I found myself peeing in the kids urinal…lool I must have inadvertantly gone over to the one that was lower down.

My wife is 5’11"! It’s a good friggin’ thing I’m 6’1" I couldn’t handle her being taller than me. It sucks when she wears heels.

I am 6’2" and always wanted to be 6’6". I am the runt of my family, dad - 6’7" little bro(s) 6’4" and 6’5", sister 6’0"…anyway, I love the taller women…I want to have the super athlete one day…

Peace matt

Short people definately have a harder time putting on muscle and losing fat.

There is one huge advantage to being short, and that is that SHORT MEN ARE BETTER IN BED!

By the way, I am 5’2!

I am 6’3" and my wife is 5’9" I guess she likes feeling protected!

back in highschool i went to prom with the volleyball team captain just because i was her only friend over 6’ and i felt like being a nice guy. she was 6’2" without her heels on and to be honest, it was really scary. i get intimidated by girls who don’t havta look up tp talk to me

You want to talk about short people. Look at Barry Sanders- 5’8’’, Emmett Smith- 5’9’’, Bob Sanders, the strong safety for Iowa- 5’8’’,Quentin Griffin that rookie tailback for the Broncos is 5’7’’. Troy Walters, a receiver for the colts- 5’7’’. Marshall Faulk is listed at 5’10’’ but I walked right past him at the airport one day and he is about 5’8’’. Same with Ronnie Coleman, somehow he is listed at 5’11’’ but I know people that have seen him in person and they say he is 5’8’’ tops. All these guys are short, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s about your personality and how you are, but it’s also about how you look. What is going to turn a woman on more. A tall lanky skinny 6’4’’ guy with a big dick, or a 5’10’’ guy who is huge and muscular, and has an average sized. As far as strength goes, Ed Coan is 5’6’’, obviously everybody is different, but there are advantages and disadvantages to being tall and to being short.