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Short Oral Cycle

I was planning on a short cycle that consists of Dbol for 3 to 4 weeks then following that up with 2 weeks of oral Tren. Using an estrogen blocker and liver protection throughout. Also, proper PCT with Clomid. Any thoughts or recommendations are welcomed. Thanks



Probably the worse idea iv ever seen

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You want to use mtren? Do you just hate yourself that much, man?

I’m going to be a little kinder than my fellow brothers…

Oral cycles only are a really bad idea. They suppress your natural test and will cause you to crash losing any possible gains you may have made.

Orals also harsh on the liver. There is a reason that tren is an injectible.

3 to 4 weeks of anything won’t do shit for gains

If you want to do a cycle, then get yourself enough test eth to run 500/mg a week for 12 weeks. Inject 250 twice a week, you probably wont need any estrogen control during the cycle, then use Nolvadex for your PCT


you big old softy!


We all made stupid choices in the past. I just felt like telling him why this wasnt the best choice for him.


Do not use oral tren