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Short on Time


Hey everyone,

My schedule for school this up coming semester doesn't allow me to train tuesday nights with my coach, but i do have a break in between classes that would allow me to train for about 1 hour.

My weaknesses are the clean and jerk (Only 118% of my snatch) and either back or front squats. I'm leaning towards front squats because I push the volume on back squats quite a bit on Saturdays.

Then with what ever extra time i have left maybe some pull ups or something along those lines.

so the whole workout would look something like this...

Clean+Jerk 6/2+1
Back squats 6/1-5 (depending on how I feel)
Pull ups

then next tuesday...
Clean+Jerk 6/1+2
Front Squats 6/1-5 (depending on how I feel)
Push press 6/1-3

(I would do sets of 5 in squats if im NOT feeling good and sets of 1 if im feeling VERY good, and 2-4 if anywhere in-between)

Any comments/criticisms?


If i was you in just an hour or so, i'd go for a max Cnj and max back squat,minimal rest.


What is weak about your CJ? Clean or the Jerk?

I'd FS if you can't FS more then 30-35kg than what you can regularly CJ...if you can FS 40kg more and your missing Jerks you need to sort the Jerk out like I do! Please let me know when you crack it!



my clean and jerk are pretty close imo, when i miss a lift its because i cant stand up or the stand up is very difficult.

I think doing clean+jerk with 2-3 cleans before the jerk and then a front squat session with some bodybuilding/strength work (upper body) is the way ill likely go for my Tuesday sessions.

my best clean is 145, my best front squat is 155 or 157.5 (i cant remember), my best jerk is 145. my best clean+jerk is 142.5


Why bodybuild? If you struggle out of the Cleans it'll ALWAYS make your Jerks hard PERIOD. No one can refute that claim. I'd squat on the Tuesday to increase your FS until you can at least FS 25-30kg more than your CJ. You can't expect to CJ more than 145-150 at the absolulte limit with a 157.5kg FS man. It's inhuman to do that in comp. You have 3 Sn and at least one CJ THEN you got to go for a PB.

Your technique is clearly good to CJ 142.5 with a 157.5kg FS. HAMMER THE FS UP so you can get out of the Cleans more easily. Squat till you drop on the Tuesday to get it up!

I definitely believe for an intermediate lifter like you and myself that to get to the next level we need to get STRONGER. When you can FS 200kg you will have a dam legit claim to CJ 175-180. Granted MrJonty can do 175 @ 185, his Jerk looks really strong with really good leg drive and his Cleans look not crazy tough but not easy at the limit. But I bet if he FS 20-30kg more it would add a chunk to his lifts.



What about clean+front squat+jerk?

Do you have a rack at home? I have found I can get a quick session of squatting in less than 20 minutes having a rack in my basement so I do one in the morning before I go to work.