Short on Time Workout

Sadly I am short on time because of my new job. What do you think about my new workout? Anything important missing?
My goals are to get some new mass and stay healthy because my job is very sedentary.
age: 23
weight: 155lbs
height: 72in
bodytype: ecto

monday: 38
warm up: 5mins of walking and mobility drills
A1 bench press 2
A2 one-arm dumbbell row (elbow away from side) 212
B1 backsquat alternating every week with deadlift 2
B2 single leg SLDL alternating with pistols 212
C1 standing single leg calfraise 2

30mins of steady state cardio
upperbody stretching

warm up: 5mins of walking and mobility drills
A1 chin ups 38
A2 dips 3
B1 L-Fly 212
C1 ABS 3
20mins interval training on stationary bike
leg stretching

if you lift twice per week, do a total body workout on each day

basically Squat, Deadlift, Bench/Dip, some sort of row/chin and if you like a vertical press

Try this EDT workout:

10 minute PR zone
A1. Deadlift
A2. Dips

10 minute PR zone
B1. Squat
B2. Chinups