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Short on Time, Need to Lift

I will be starting a new work/study schedule soon that will leave me with little time during the week to lift.

Saturday and Sunday I should have free, but the rest of the week I may only be able to lift on Wednesday, and possibly Thursday or Friday. Anyone have any good 3-times-a-week programs that can be completed in around an hour?

I do Westside type variations right now, and I want to continue to focus on strength/hypertrophy training, maybe something like 10x3. Perhaps alternating weeks where I hit my upper body and lower body twice, such as:

Week One-
Day 1: upper
Day 2:Lower
Day 3. Upper.
Week Two-
Day 1: lower
Day 2: upper
Day 3: Lower.
Anybody have any advice or suggestions?

TBT or one of CW’s high-frequency programs, if that appeals to you…