Short Notice First Meet Prep Help

I’ve entered my first meet (unequipped) on Feb 16, on a whim, without any sort of meet preparation schedule. I’ve been running 5/3/1 and just finished my 4th week of a 6 week cycle. I tested squat and deadlift 1RMs on the third week (SVR template), and I’m happy with those lifts right now. I have had troubles recently with bench since switching from toes tucked/heels elevated to the competitive heels planted form style a couple months ago. My gym bests are 425/275/475 and I’ll be in the 93kg/205lb class.

So yeah, I’m 12 days out from my first meet. I know that “your first meet is not about the numbers, but the experience, yada yada” and all that. I am, however, looking for ideas on what I should do training-wise and prep wise before the meet? Thanks.

IF you have already hit your openers just rest for the last 7-10 days, only light work.

About 5-7 days out, go in, warm up, and work your way up to a set of 5 at no more than 50% of your opening lifts. Work on the commands, as some federations go over all of that with the lifters and some do not, especially the start, press and rack command. Also, in the meet, open light, with a weight you KNOW you can get for a triple with perfect form.

Try and make sure you can take somebody with you. Don’t do your first meet alone (or any meet). Have a solid game plan going in with all your numbers. Try and go 9/9 so maybe the first meet is conservative. If you can plan another one 12 weeks or so out going conservative on this one won’t seem like a big deal.

Pack food and keep your energy consistent all the way through the day. Make sure your rested from now until the meet. Make sure any and equipment is ready to go. Get there early so you can get a feel for the venue and get comfortable. Good luck dude…

I would train 2-4 times between now and the meet, you don’t want to alter anything to drastically. However when you are training just go in and do your usual exercises but just do the warm-up sets you would normally do, don’t do the main works sets. If you want to keep some assistance work you can but follow the same guideline, warm-up stuff only. This way you should be nice and fresh but not stale or rusty come meet day.

Assuming the numbers you listed were done to competition standards, then I would set up my lifts like this:
SQ 1 - 375-380; 2 - 410; 3 - 430
BP 1 - 235; 2 - 260; 3 - 275-280
DL 1 - 405; 2 - 445; 3 - 480

you might have to convert those to kilos. If the 2nd’s feel really heavy then you can lower the thirds, if the first attempts feel heavy obviously lower the 2nds but be aware that means you weren’t lifting in the gym to the same standard as a meet (which is not unusual for a first timer). Even if you are feeling really good I would keep the thirds as they are all PR’s for you but ultimately it is up to you. Good luck with it.

Thanks for all the replies, guys. I went today to practice competition standard bench. That 275 PR was touch-and-go with tucked toes and raised heels so it is more likely a bullshit PR. My best set with proper form is 240x5 (touch and go). Today, however, I fucked up a 240 single at the bottom, due to shoulders slipping (that won’t be an issue with chalk abundance at the meet) and that got me a bit frustrated. However, I found my foot placement, and worked my way back up to a tight/smooth 235. I brought someone to give me commands and that was quite beneficial. I think I’ll play it safe with a 220lbs/100kg opener and gauge from there.

My squat and deadlift form is fine and I will be going with similar numbers to Tim Henriques’ suggestions for those lifts. I may go heavier on my last DL because the 475 1RM was fast, and it was the second record-breaker of the day (goal was 455 that day; I felt after the 475 that 5 plates was doable but opted to leave some gas in the tank).

Anyway, I’ll do three light practice days as recommended and work on active recovery and mobility otherwise. Thanks everyone.