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Short Men are Better in Bed

I’ve been having trouble convincing some women of this. I know that is has been researched, but I can’t find the studies. Has anyone come across them, and if so, could you please post the reference?

Well if they are studies to prove that Asian men are good in bed, then I shall be a god. I am short and Asian, which is the worst combo to be in the mainland. Maybe Better Luck Tomorrow, eh.

I’m sorry, but we tall guys left them on the top shelf. We can’t have those getting out.

No research needed. I’m living proof that a short guy can indeed have good sex and a hot girlfriend!

Golf clap for Jared

Well Done…

“A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him”

~ Mae West

This is seriously funny. And what the hell does “better in bed” even mean? How exactly is this analyzed? Give me a freakin break. There is no research and if there was, there would be research saying the exact opposite. Good luck…

I dont know about short men but i saw an asian porno once and the guys dick was the size of my pinkie. And im not kidding. Now I aint gonna lie when im just lounging around my significant other isnt much bigger than my thumb but he always seems to rise to the occasion. Now this guy never got any bigger.
As far as short men being better, Im six foot tall and made my current girlfriend (or whatever she is) cum and my exgirlfriend have multiple orgasms. So I might be talented.

I think it speaks volumes that you are “having trouble convincing
women of this.”

There is no research. Come on, this is an off-topic post and a joke!

Being good in bed has nothing to do with the size of your body or your penis. There is so much more than that.

If you want to talk penis size, I think some short guys have an advantage. The advantage we have is that our smaller bodies make an average-sized penis appear larger. I have friends with average-sized dicks, yet they are much bigger (body size) than me. So don’t you think that if two guys with the same sized penis but different body sizes would appear differently from a visual perspective?

And remember, according to statistics, the average American male’s erect penis is 5-7 inches. Obviously, there is some range (shorter and longer) in that group and also among different nationalities.

But I digress, good sex has nothing to do with penis size or body size. It’s much more complicated and involved than that.

“Good things come in small packages”

LOL! I had to add that.

Jared, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read here all week.

Yeah, us tall guys aren’t keeping those studies lying around. They’re up on the top shelf tucked away quite nicely.

Dude, that top shelf commment was hilarious.

Anyways, it’s not the size of the boat, but rather the motion in the ocean. Come on, everyone knows it. Only guys think that’s not true, but ladies know it. I’m not hung like a donkey, but I’m not pinkie size. Just average. I can make my fiancee squirt. It’s not about what you do with the pussy, but rather what you do with the whole woman. Make her feel good and comfortable, the sex is much better. Simple.

Height don’t matter when you’re laying down. :wink:

CGB, JWright, Cupcake: Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

Going against my better judgement and the Tall Guy Code, I’ll give you some ammo. Taller guys are typically less coordinated in general, so sex might be more difficult for some taller guys. But don’t tell anyone. Especially not the girlz.

This is ridiculous. How would a study prove that? Exit polls? “Hi, you just got laid! How would you rate that on a scale of 0-10?” But then, those results may be skewed. I think women might expect less out of a short guy, so they would be surprised and give out a higher grade than they would a tall guy for the same performance. That’s the beauty of being a statistician. You can make the numbers say anything you need them to.

And what the hell would you do with this info? Carry it around in a pamphlet and pass it out to girls in bars? I must side with some of the other posters that requiring statistical support that you would likely be a good lay probably won’t help much.

This is Just a Dumb Topic.

Terminator, thanks for simplifying things; I agree wholeheartedly. We really don’t want to talk over anybody’s head. Oh fuck, my bad short people. I’ll try to cut that out.

Terminator, he was just having some fun.

Shrug whatever

Terminator needs some cheese with that whine

I just wanted to jump on the ‘little’ bandwagon and say some ‘humble’ words because I’m a ‘short-ass’ as well at 5’5" and excellent in bed, now all i need to do is get a hot gf like Nate’s and test this theory out for sure :smiley:

Nate Dogg: we’re gonna need nekkid pictures of your woman to verify this. Just kidding bro.

Not to change the subject, but my boss and I were trying to see who has seen the most disturbing porn. My viewing of “Stool Crunchers” was trumped by his viewing of two midgets and a 300 lb chick. She was on all fours giving head to one midget, who was standing up, while the other midget hit it from the back…on a chair.