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Short Inseam Jeans


Despite my devastatingly handsome looks and incomparable charm with the ladies, I am less than perfect. Now, give yourself a moment to recover from the shock of that news...

OK, we good? Excellent. My one issue is that I have pretty short legs and for reasons I cannot understand, I just can't find pants (off the rack), especially jeans, with a 28 inch inseam. Everything is 30 now. I did find out that eddiebauer.com has "short" varieties with inseams as short as 20 inches (yowza), but I am struggling to find anything else besides that.

Any ideas out there? Very much appreciate the help.



Perhaps that leg lengthening surgery where they break the bones and slowly stretch you out?


Ok........I'd recommend finding a good seamstress or tailor who can alter jeans, buy the 30's and get them taken up the inch or two you need. Catch the jeans on sale and the extra cost of altering won't be much more total than the jeans were originally.


I believe Old Navy and alot of other places can order them for you. They list a chart of the sizes they offer. I have a hard time finding 34x34. Seems people with a 34" waist must be very short, I mean, at 5'10" I am a giant.

I have the same problem with long sleeve shirts, no matter how large the shirt is the sleeves are still too short..

I feel for you.


Everything is basically 30 I think. I'll get going-out-nice jeans shortened an inch, and they're perfect.


Try Landsend. I think they may have them.


I think you're onto something, Dan. Maybe my dreams of playing power forward are not dead...


Your lucky you can have the jeans altered. I need a 34 waist 36 length. The dept store has plenty of 40 waist 30 length for the Humpty Dumpty look. I'm stuck at the specialty shop or wearing floods.

I know no one cares,



I see 34x34 everywhere all the time. 36 length is pushing it. That must be annoying


Yeah man you have to go big-n-tall all the way...


Not true! I feel your pain. I can't remember the last time I bought clothes off the rack.

Most of the mid-size department store chains I knew have disappeared, and I don't feel badly for them anymore. The department stores always have a ton of 40X30 pants in the remainder bins. Does that mean that 34- and 36-inseam pants sell out? Does THAT mean the buyers can't figure out what sells?

It's catalogs and internet for me.

Big. Old. Pissed off.


As someone mentioned you can order thru the store, find a style you like & ask someone to either

a) order them for you
b) use the phone and catalog that most stores have against the back wall


You can also get heat fusable hemming tape - sticks pretty good - then again, who knows how many washes it would make it thru


Just cut them off at the knees and shred them for the Hulk look.

But seriously, I don't have any suggestions. I rarely have luck getting pants off the rack. I've always had trouble finding jeans that fit my scrumptuous ass that aren't 4" too big in the waist.



Hmm. Interesting ideas. I like it. Also had not thought about the catalogs and phones in the back of most stores. Thank you kindly, Melissa.


If you guys don't mind wearing "ghetto" jeans you can go to a JCPennies and get Bab Boy clothing and a lot of there stuff is 36" for the big boys and their name brand. That's what I wear a 38" waist with a 36" inseam although they are baggy, and I need a belt they are very nice on the skin and soft feels like jeans at the end of the day when they are broken in even after you wash them they are nice like that.


tis is true. the only type of clothes i can wear now are urban clothes. at one time it was banana republic now it is LRG and enyce.


I feel your pain, man, as I wear a 29 inseam myself. I'll check out Eddie Bauer.

FWIW, I used to buy khakis at Wal-Mart -- $15 and 29 inseams. Wore them to work and no one noticed they were from Wal-Mart.


damn, how tall are you?


Kuz, check the thrift stores. I've found some odd-sized clothes for my husband more than once. (Taking up a hem is a piece fo cake.)

As for the hemming tape Melissa mentioned, it lasts a LONG time.

I can also possibly hook you up w/ my grandma who can tailor for you. She's very good! Lives near Willi. Let me know if you want her contact info. :slightly_smiling:


Nothing special my profile says 6'1" but to be exact it's 6' 1.75". If I keep taking Cressey and Robertson's (SP)advice I might gain a little more getting rid of the quazimoto look.

I guess my legs are long.


I'm 5' 5" and have the same problem, nothing ever fits me off the rack. As far as jeans go, the only store I've found that carries my size (29 waist / 28 inseam) is the Gap. Now if I could only find shirts that fit my shoulders without hanging down to my knees...