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Short Illness, How to Stop Losing Muscle

I get small bursts of really bad tonsillitis.
and I’m sure other people must also get short bursts of illness.
In this time I can loose nearly 5-12 pounds.
Through not being able to eat properly.
Also at this time I can’t go to the gym for obvious reasons( dizziness, migraines and everything else)
is there anyway. to try and reduce muscle loss in these periods.

I done a search for this , but could not see much
so hopefully this is the right place for this type of question.

Any infomation will be helpfull as this is a topic i know very little about.

If you regularly get small bursts, GET THEM REMOVED!
Girlfriend used to get the exact same thing. So yeah, get your tonsils out and you wont get ill.
Could say “Eat loads of protein etc.” but eating with tonsillitis is tough shit, so its no wonder you loose muscle mass.

Get an emergency weight gainer for when you fall ill, you will get your calories and your protein and shouldn’t be too rough on your throat. Light exercise can really help to reduce the symptoms too.

Would the weight gainer decrease the muscle loss, or would it just add body fat , or is keeping your weight up the most important thing.

I have asked the doctor about having them removed but he gave a very shallow answer.

Thanks for the advice though.


You should be taking creatine anyways, because it’s safe, highly effective, and cheap.

Creatine supplementation has a long track record for preventing losses in LBM while athletes stop training. The last research I read on this showed upwards of 10% increase in LBM retention compared to patients without taking creatine (the patients were in half-body casts- these weren’t athletes though).

Creatine also increased their ability to add back that lost mass, although I don’t remember the specific rate.

I wouldnt even worrry about it…it could be a good time to allow ur body to reset, and get tons of rest…when u hit the gym again, “muscle memory” will come into play and ur gains in both strength and size will come back real quick…

I tore my ACL a few years ago, lost about 15lbs, and my strength went to absolute shit across the board…i didnt lift for about 2 months or so, maybe longer…

When i started to get back into the swing of things my body felt GREAT cuz of all the rest (putting the knee aside of course haha) and my strength came back super quick and so did my size…i wouldnt worry about it…i would use it as a great way to give ur body a nice solid break from the daily grind of lifting…just my 2 cents…


[quote]Otep wrote:

I second that, its a very good recommendation despite not being one that came to mind.
The weight gainer should not add much fat, you wont be eating much when you get it so it may well be the main source of your calories. If you are worried about adding fat, you could just go for a protein shake.

Creatine isnt something i have researched properly.
I have just never read up about it. I always thought protein would be enough so ill definately look into that .
Thank you very much.

Also that interesting yeah it does come back sharpish i spose becuase its only a week its not to bad, i just find it quite distruptive as it stops the process. But if i think about it as a weeks long rest and try to eat well enough maybe that the key, Just tryin to get the food down your throat.

and it is great your strength and size came back , that is something i would be really worried about if i did have a injury or operation.

Cheers definately some ideas to try out.