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Short High Dose Cycles

I was wondering if anybody here had ever tried one of those short 4 week high dose cycles of any kind of steroid. I’ve read a few posts about it but I was wondering if it works and if its better than a regular length cycle.

Bill Roberts is the man to talk to about short high dose cycles… read his articles on mesomorphosis.com and you will come away a better man.

I have done many 6 week cycles and i am a fan. Even using long esters such as cypionate and decanoate.

I think with correct prescription of doses, and correct use of esters then 4 week cycles are a good tool.


Not better than, if you’re going to do only one giving more results than doing one six week cycle at same weekly dosage. Not as good.

If the weekly dosage for a six week cycle is pretty substantial, then also probably a single 4 week cycle using the same total amount, and therefore a 50% higher dose per week, is not better. An exception may well be that if one is completely accustomed to doing say 750 mg/week total, then doing another 6 week cycle at 750 mg/week may do little extra whereas a shorter time at 1125 mg/week total (not that I’ve ever heard of anyone doing that odd number) might give a nice improvement.

Another exception could well be if the dose for the 6 week cycle is not so substantial, e.g. 500 mg/week total. A 4 week cycle at 750 mg/week might beat it for same total drug usage.

In terms of comparing equal total usage and equal number of weeks off per year, and comparing yearly results, my GUESS is that it would be pretty much a wash between the two protocols.

So - as i believe BBB has said in the past - one of the most important factors in AAS use is often total drug consumed rather than cycle length.

With this being the case, it must be better to run 4, 6 and 8 week cycles (for those who DO cycle) rather than 10, 12 and 16 week cycles for the benefits on recovery. Making sure the shorter cycles utilize the same total drug amount that would be used in the longer cycles…

Of course larger doses and longer is better everytime i assume - if recovery is not a predetermining factor at least.