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Short Guy 19% Body Fat, Help Me


I have been training for a year and a half.
Height 5'4"
Weight 175lbs
Age 22
Current Body Fat%: 19%

I started at 23% body fat. I started to eat clean, I do eat a lot however. 2000-2500 calories a day.

I workout 7 hours a week. 4.5 of those hours are spent on reps of 4-6 with heavy weight for 3 sets, the other 3hrs on reps of 10-15. I have gained a large amount of strength and muscle.

I have one problem when I tried lowering my calories by intervals of 500 less which I did successfully, I started loosing a lot of strength. I went down to 165lbs but I felt weak, even though I drank my supplements and ate nutritious food. So I decided that a steroid cycle might do me well.

Goals are to drop body fat.
Gains in strength are a plus.
I was thinking about Anavar and Provirin.
I know they are mild when compared to others especially when it comes to gaining muscle mass. But my goal is to drop body fat and look cut, any extra strength gains and muscle mass to make me pop is a bonus.
I have some money saved under 500 usd. Could you guys recommend a cycle dosages and pct. ps: I do not mind mild dosages for 6 weeks.

Thank you


Probably not a good idea. Try changing your diet and training. 175 is decent weight for your height. But I’de suggest perhaps posting in the training section. And really look into your diet. Didn’t give us much info on your training history. And you eat a lot??? 2000 calories is breakfast … Hahah just kidding … Kind of.

Have you tried eating more meals throughout the day but smaller? Might help to boost your metabolism. And fuck 4-6 reps. No offense. Are you a power lifter? Bang out sets of 25 20 15 10. Do a shot ton of cardio. Drink a shit ton of water… I think someone more knowledgeable than me could better help you with diet and training. Give that a try for a year and see how it goes. Get to 12% at he same weight and the look into a test cycle. Anywho… Hope this. Helped



This is a big sandbox with many possibilities:
Could be low thyroid function because iodized salt it not been used.
Or over training that can affect testosterone and thyroid function.
Low thyroid function lowers body temperatures and causes"

  • weight gain and inability to loose fat
  • low energy and “brain fog”

Your libido is a good gauge of T levels, if thyroid is OK.
Morning wood? Spontaneous erections?
A sexy woman is an object of art or lust?

Unfortunately, labs would burn your cash unless you can get it under insurance.

Please go to the testosterone replacement forum and >>> read the “things that damage your hormones” sticky. <<<

And we do get a lot of young guys with hormone problems. Not just an old guys game. There are 7 stickies in that forum.


Thank you for the responses.

Yes there is a lot of obesity in my family which I think puts me at a genetic disadvantage when it comes to weight/body fat. I am of Hispanic descent.

However, we are all short yet look built in my family. I however want to get shredded and not necessarily big and muscular but lean/cut.

I drink about 4 liters of water throughout the day. I am awake at 4:30am and go to sleep around 9:30pm. I go to the gym at 5:00 am for 40 minutes, and then go to the gym at 11:00 am for an hour.

Yes libido has never been a problem, I wake up with morning wood every morning. I have sex 1-3 times a day depending how many times the wife allows it.

I can squat 300 pounds*10reps for 4 sets, I can squat 200 lbs to the ground and up same rep of 10 for 4 sets
I can bench 185 10 for 4 sets
I can dead lift 225
10 for 4 sets

I know 2000-2500 sounds like a small portion, but for my height any more than that and I start gaining body fat exponentially. I feel no decrease of energy at 2000 calories. According to the doctor I asked, he said I should actually be eat 1500 calories in order to drop weight for my height. I did loose weight but I also lost some muscle mass which is frustrating. I do not think it is realistic to cut and gain muscle at the same time without steroids. This is why I am considering it, if I can burn fat and keep my current muscle mass, I would be very happy.