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Short Films

Sometimes a short film wraps up its message quite nicely… without having to sit through 2 hours of fluff, like full length features.

Post some of your favorites.

Dwarf movies…

Award ceremonies should be called dwarfies


Uh yea ID, the title, your Name

Uh never mind…

One for each of you.

this hits home, if you are either a Millwright or an Electrician, that is~

dwarves smell like cookies.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
One for each of you.[/quote]

<3 you ID

Uh, getting back on track…

[quote]Derek542 wrote:
Uh yea ID, the title, your Name

Uh never mind…[/quote]


One of my favs:

Even more funnier in German.

Tomorrow’s Memoir - best Superman short film ever. Deals with the effect Superman’s absence has on society infinitely better than Superman Returns did:

Be prepared to geek out at the end.

[quote]Dr. Pangloss wrote:


x2. That was an awesome short.

This is a movie my friend made in 1997 starring ME, yes, me! init…he hasn’t put the whole thing online for some reason…so here’s a youtube video of me pointing a camera at a TV playing the movie with some of my students watching. Also that’s my real mom and dad in the movie.

Here’s a link to the Winnipeg Film Groups home page about the movie…that’s me covered in black goop of some sort in the pic.

Damn, Nards! You’re a good actor!

my own shameless plug

my favorite short film:

any short film by Lynne Ramsay