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Short Ester Cycle Ideas


All right, Im trying to come up with the "perfect" short ester cycle. So what do you guys think of this one??

200mg prop./EOD
100mg tren./EOD
400mg Equipoise/wk.

I would run this cycle about 6 eeks, with 8 weeks off before repeating it.
Again, Im 220lbs, 5'8", about 12% bf, and have a pretty extensive juice history.
Any feedback is much appreciated!


Ok, maybe equipoise is the best idea for a short ester cycle considering it doesnt have a short ester! Ooops, well anyway, any thoughts on this cycle would still be appreciated!


Looks pretty perfect now that you added in the EQ.


I could be wrong, since I'm a novice and all. Through my readings I have seen that test/eq should be run in a 2:1 ratio respectively, the opposite of what you ave there.


Of course drop the EQ as it is senseless in a short cycle and debatable period. I like the rest and would say to make it "perfect" add Masteron and Dianabol - which I would use as part of the Test dose, in other words if running 700mg of test a week, I'd run 420mg of Prop and 280mg of Dianabol, so:

+Propionate 60mg/day or 120mg EOD
+Trenbolone 50mg/day or 100mg EOD
+Masteron 50mg/day or 100mg EOD
+Dianabol 40mg/day split into two doses -AM/PM
= my absolute favorite cycle.

and personally I would run a 12 week training program with the first 6 weeks being "on" the second 6 weeks being off/recovering and then 1 week off from everything for a 13 week total training cycle which splits nicely into 4 cycles a year. Actually I'd run it 6 on, 4 off (9 week training block), but for a general recommendation 6 on, 7 off.

I'd also look into Cy Wilson's recovery idea using 6 week cycles, 6 week recovery with 3 being a taper/hrt dose and 3 being "true pct"


Actually 200mg of Propionate every other day would average out to 700mg a week, and with 400mg of EQ would be close to the ratio that you mention - I see no rational behind that theory though.


Oh haha my mistake. For some reason I read it as 200/wk not 200 EoD. I feel retarded now.

I don't know the theory behind it, I just read it somewhere.


Recently being using an injectable Dbol and loving it this time as I feel I'm getting less sides and more stimulation, so to make things simpler as far as dosing;

I would run:
525mg Prop/Week (75mg/day)
175mg Dbol/Week (25mg/day)
350mg Tren/Week (50mg/day)
350mg Mast/Week (50mg/day)

and of course the dosage would really be an individual thing, but I like these ratios.

and to top it off I'd add .25mg Arimidex everyday - if only there was an injectable version to add everything into one dose....


if you're gonna go with a 6 weeker i'd tweak it a little to be something similar to:

150 prop EOD
75-100 tren EOD
75-100 mast EOD
50 var ED

just throwing that out there.

prop/tren/d-bol is also a great stack.

good luck bro.


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Pretty much what bushy said. I also find tren to be extremely supressive if used for more than 3 weeks at a time.