Short Ester Blast

Is there benefits to blasting short esters
9 week blast of
100 mgs a wk Test Prop
150mgs a wk Tren Ace
300mg a wk Mast prop
20mg Superdrol a day
And 50-100mgs oral winny ed for the last 3-4 weeks.
I can’t get short ester of primo so I subbed in Sdrol instead
I think this type of short ester blast would be beneficial to me in terms of recovery pct and good for athletic enhancement and not waiting 4 weeks for blood levels to stabilize and waiting 3 weeks to start PCT.

Bro your not ready for a cycle like this. First of all you just did your first cycle. You have asked about tren before and when given information about it you said it wasn’t the right choice for you. But now want to run it and run it with superdrol and winny. As I said you just did your first test cycle and had numerous issues and freak out moments you had to pct early because “I don’t want to be on any longer” you were worried about pct and how bad it was gonna be because you didn’t want to be a physiological and tired mess at work. And now your putting together advanced cycles with tren and a handful of other strong side effect filled steroids?


I didn’t PCT early I was on for 20weeks including the taper and testosterone sucks it was nothing but Estrogen side effects at 500mg. That’s why I want to run what I stated there.

I want to just dive in with it, 200 Test and 400mast is what I did for a majority of that last cycle it was good but I didn’t build a lot of mass. I want to add in mass builders like Tren & SDrol since higher doses of test are no good for me

I think I could handle SDrol, the Tren is questionable. But yeah that’s where I’m at with my cycle.

I don’t want to run Enanthate esters or cypionates, just short acting drugs.

Why? What is your reasoning for this?

It sounds like you didn’t make a lot of gains in your test cycle and your blaming testosterone. I personally don’t like testosterone but you should have been able to make good gains on it. I think your blaming the gear when you need to take a look at your diet and training. If you weren’t able to gain off your last cycle using more drugs isn’t going to help.

With that being said my only advice to you is to stay away from tren and sdrol. Go back to the drawing board look at diet and training. And if you want to use another compound for your next cycle look at EQ and if you insist on a oral look at tbol.

I promise you from what iv seen of your post if you run tren and adrol your gonna be a complete mess

I gained 16 pounds of mass since off everything from my first blast my legs are as hard as rocks I measured them they’re almost 30” if I ran a cycle like that my legs would be disproportional from the rest of my body. I ran 200mgs test for a majority of that cycle and the rest Masteron I felt amazing. I definitely could have ate cleaner and that’s my goal on the next blast. I ate lots of greasy chicken thighs & slow cooked beef roasts tons of rice, sweet potatoes, some pasta sometimes pizza once a week and I only drink water. I just didn’t like lots of testosterone it’s dirty drug that aromotizes into alot of other stuff

I understand you guys are here to promote safety. Personally I don’t think that I’ll die from a cycle like that. It is a bit more advanced but I don’t think the dosages are insanely high or deadly. I believe I can grow on that cycle

It aromatizes into E2, individual amounts depend on the individual. Aromatase enzyme makes E2. You may have not like the water that comes with E2, but your body would adjust and get over it.

Literally Estrogen and my body are not kosher at all. Also I’m pretty sure testosterone aromtizes into DHT, Estrogen, amounts of nandrolone and other stuff.

I’m just giving you a hard time. The other stuff is made by other means, not aromatization. Your body makes an awful lot of stuff from test, including catecholamines.

Exactly my reasoning. Some reason I believe low test is what I need to run and stack it with things that don’t aromtise and or things that have a low conversion rate. I don’t think that cycle is going to put me in the grave it’s probably healthier than having water weight and water retention around the heart.

Good luck

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Whats the meaning of this? You want to dive in to your next cycle without the proper time off?


I’m staying off for awhile I’m just speaking next blast I’m thinking it’s gonna look something like that.

You seem to want to do something very similar to the next cycle I want to do, and for similar reasons in terms of your reaction to test… I also just started competing in powerlifting and I’m close to my goal so I’m taking some added risk on purpose. I don’t think something will go “horribly” wrong just because you tried tren instead of something like EQ on your second cycle, although of course it could amount to nothing more than an unnecessary strain. I stocked up on enough test to bail on the tren and just run a test only cycle again in case I get in hot water.


I think testosterone is overrated by a mile. Yeah it’s fantastic some people can handle high dosages of it and not suffer from estrogen side effects, what about the people on the other side of spectrum that are sensitive to Estrogen? I definitely couldn’t handle DBol ADrol or high doses of test.

Thats good. If you’ve recovered after your PCT, i would stay off at least 12-15 weeks if you were on for 20.

Testosterone is an inferior muscle builder to other compounds out there. I react badly to testosterone aswell. We literally only need a TRT dose of it to function fine while running other compounds (some would say you dont even need testosterone for short blasts, low dose Dbol is superior).

You’re on the right train of thought and you seem to know your body somewhat, just please use these drugs responsibly and observe the necessary time off.



Thank you I think I learned a lot last cycle. It seems that some of us can agree testosterone isn’t the best substance. I agree we only need TRT doses at best. I plan to take awhile off and get myself up and running good

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