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Short Duration Diet for Ectomorph

I am an ectomorph who, thanks to Berardi and Waterbury, went from the 180s to 213 lbs since november. Now, I neglected to mention my other helper: Ronald McDonald. While he has provided me with tons of nutrient poor calories over the past few months, a few too many of them have ended up in my gut.

I dont like the idea of yo-yo dieting and hate myself for asking this question. I had planned on bulking without cutting for a long, long time. However, I would like to diet for a little to sort of “wipe the slate clean” so I can bulk up a little cleaner next time with what I know now (and obviously look a little better at the beach this summer as well, im not gonna lie to you).

So I vaguely remember dropping weight easily but havent made a concerted effort to do so in forever. I can ignite a pretty severe chronic caffiene addiction at will and couple it with ephedrine to make eating a complete chore.

Is it advisable for someone like me to do really short duration dieting? I am talking like between 5 and 8 days of something along the lines of Velocity diet. Will I lose appreciable fat mass and not just water weight? And will it stay off if I go slowly back into a cleaner bulking diet afterwards?

Since someone will probably ask, I am:

bench 255
squat 355
dl 315

i dont measure any body parts and have no idea what my body fat is, but I have a decent gut when I am standing up for the first time in my life. If you look at my lifts and want to tell me I am a pussy you are missing the point.

Thanks and sorry if my predicament pisses off any endos.


Are you sure you are an ectomorph b/c 210+ lbs at 6’ doesnt seem like ecto to me. I probably wrong but had to ask.

im a reformed ecto. maybe i was always ecto/meso. i think these terms are dumb anyways, im just trying to say ive always been pretty thin.

[quote]milktruck wrote:
im a reformed ecto. maybe i was always ecto/meso. i think these terms are dumb anyways, im just trying to say ive always been pretty thin.[/quote]

So was I and no one would call me an “ectomorph” now. There is nothing wrong with dieting for a short time, especially considering the progress you have made. However, that is assuming you have been at your current weight for a while, otherwise, you can ewxpect to lose some muscle mass. It might be more beneficial to take this slower than some drastic weight loss and either maintain for a while and clean up your diet while adding minimal cardio.

I have been over 205 for about 2.5 - 3 months. The weight gain at the beginning was nothing short of astounding. Who knew you had to eat to grow?

I am trying out CW’s HF program right now and may just extend the strength phase a week or two and do 1 solid meal and 5 shakes a day. Going all out suits my personality. After a week or two of modified VD I’m going to go back to 3 meals/3 shakes but the meals are going to be cleaner and smaller and Im going to add plenty of flax/olive/coconut oil to the shakes.

Pretty much just going to crush the bottle of Metabolic Drive I got in the mail the other day. I always thought the Biotest products were just over-hyped here, but that stuff is pretty damn good. The problem now is finishing the 10 lbs of Optimum Nutrition stuff I was already sick of.