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Short Distance Prowler Work, Heavy or Light?

Hi, Jim. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful conditioning tool known as the Prowler. As I hope you can tell, I’m being sarcastic. It’s caused nothing but pain and misery (oh, and yes, improved conditioning and mental toughness) for me! But I have a couple of questions,

  1. Our gym only has 6.5 - 7.6 yards of space where I can push the Prowler. Would it be ok when I reach the end to spin the Prowler around and push it back?

  2. Is it better to do sprints with a lighter weight or heavier pushes?

  1. What’s the alternative? Push it to the wall and then stare at it?

  2. Do both. The different types of pushes will have different impacts and both are beneficial. Youhhave 7 yards though, sprinting may be difficult.

In response to 1, the alternative is to run around and use the horizontal horn.

Honestly, I don’t know if you are serious with this question.

You are going to need more than a few yards to push a prowler. Take it outside the gym or take it home. In general, the weight used on the Prowler is going to depend on a lot of things but it can be used similar to how you program your training. However, with the Prowler you can alternate the “hard” week of training with the easy week of Prowler work. It’s up to you.

I only hope that with 6 yards to push a Prowler you possess the worlds shortest torso, arms and legs.

Well, Im only 5’3 so I think That my small stature may help me here lol

The indoor space you described isn’t enough. Take it outside, in the heat of the day. 30-50 yards is a good range. Sprints vs drags vs walks will/can dictate how much weight used as well as current strength/conditioning levels. Saying all that to say this, take it outside and enjoy the misery.

Well, I cleared away some of the shit in the gym to the side, I now have 10 yards. Is this enough?

[quote]crj5 wrote:
30-50 yards is a good range.[/quote]

10 yards would seem like too short a distance unless your working to be a lineman getting paid a lot. For most of us looking to not be killed as easily as the next man, you need more. 40 yards are what some of the original challenges use.