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Short Cycles


I have been doing a fair amout of research on a cycle I would like to take and I am hearing a lot of people talk about short cycles. what are the benifits of them.

I want to take for example a short cycle T-Enthate 500mg 1 injection along with anadrol 50 1 tab a day for two weeks and also take proviron 50mg a day.Run cycle only 14days I also have Nolva from Qualitygenerics.com 20mg. would that be a good short cycle? I am leaning towards a 250mg initial use of T Enthate.

I also hear that your bodys test production can even have a rebound effect that is greater than its usual production for a very short time afterwards. I have 1000mg of primoboland also I could use it but I will hold on to it for now .... I will be 40 next week if age is a factor.



test-e is not to be used for short cycles.
Use prop intead.




I was reading these responses and decided to tag off of this post if I may...because Fire and Mousse you guys seem very knowledgable. I am about to start my third cycle and want to keep it short and light. I've got DBol now and plan to go 25mg/day for 6 weeks. I have heard all the bashing of using DBol alone, so I thought to stack with Test, but for 6 weeks maybe prop instead?


That is an awful short test cycle; which ester is it? Typically if you're gonna run test you taper off...with that being said, it takes me like 7 weeks just to taper off, so I really don't know how to provide an answer for what you are trying to accomplish my friend.


Mousse thanks for responding...what do you think about DBol paired with Deca for a 6-8 wk cycle? The first 2/3 of the cycle being DBol heavy for a kickstart, and then allowing the Deca to use it's own self-tapering mechanism? This way I can keep it short and sweet like I wish to (6-8wks), but still get the nice 14 day halflife from the Deca.

I have done a lot of research on the synergistics of these two together, where I lack is when it comes to the practical knowledge...in need of constructive critism, please! Thanks!!!


if you feel a short cycle is what you need, then do that. just because someone feels that their way is the best does not make it so, perhaps for them, but not for you.

you can indeed use TE for a short cycle. understand that it will provide a peak at the beginning. bill roberts has written about the use of long esters for short cycles, i suggest you find it (somewhere on mesorx.com).

with TE i have utilized it with tbol and anavar for 2 week cycles. i have had no problems with natural recovery, using Alpha Male for post cycle and arimidex during the two weeks. injects are 800mg on day one, and 400mg on day 3. the orals follow a ramping dose through to day 14 (all orals are 10mg):

day 1-7: 3 var (oral doses split evenly as possible timewise and taken with meals)
day8,9: 4 var, 2 tbol
day 10-12: 5 var, 3 tbol
day 13,14: 6 var, 3 tbol

day15: Alpha Male starts, after 3-4 days of the Alpha Male, i feel like i am on test again.


ub10..thanks. The only problem that I forsee now is getting my hands on test. I got dbol and Deca and at the moment and plan on running the two for the next 6 - 8 weeks. I did check out Roberts article...very imformative as is the rest of everything he writes! I use that website a lot. I'll post my dbol/ deca stack later tonight or tomorrow. Would love your advise on it. Thanks again.


I see that UB has had some good insight for you since you last posted, so you have some more ideas etc. Personally I don't hold the opinion that my way is the correct way period, but as UB mentioned unfortunately some do so take it for what it is worth.

With regard to your posted cycle above my only concern would the period of time that deca is being ran without test or lower doses of dbol; could pose for some challenges in the bedroom ; )

Before you get your hands on some test decide whether or not you want to taper off first. If you don't intend to taper than go ahead with some Enth or Cyp. read through some other threads a little bit before you decide how you want to run it. Use Prop to taper though. Hell if you're not going to do any serious dosage (staying under 400mg/wk of test) just go with a longer ester, taper it down and see how it goes without PCT. That will give you somewhere to go for next cycle.


PS yeh, there will be a next cycle :stuck_out_tongue:


Any ester can be used in a short cycle, Test E or C, just remeber the clearance times...you could run 15 days of Test E or C and by day 30 you would most likely be clear, I would run it between 100 to 250 mg a day or EOD, and you could finish with prop...


Please clarify. You don't recommend this guy do over a gram of test a week correct?


I'll clarify, it depends. If he is bewteen 200-240, then maybe 150 MG a day...if he is over 240 then maybe 250 a day or EOD...remember it's only going to be for 14 or 15 days. I would only use the Anadrol for the first 10 days and drop it after that.


Short cycles are not the way to go. Anything less than 6 weeks is just too short for lasting gains.


I want a light/clean cycle. This year is my first year not being signed to a team semi or pro for sports. Sad-to-say I think I will be retired from this point forward, haha.

I tell you this so you can understand where I am coming from. I would be a 3rd cycle user. I'm an avid lifter and plan to keep my figure even though I am not playing sports this year, my motivation fo using AAS.

I don't need the gains that I used to when cycling. I would like to keep my figure plus strength gains in case I go back to my sport in the future. My body is very receptive/reactive to DBol. My last cycle with straight DBol, I gained 26lbs. in 5.5 weeks and ended up tapering and PCTing early. I gained that weight on the following schedule:

w1 20mg/day
w2 30mg/day
w3 40mg/day
w4 40mg/day
w5 30mg/day
...then stopped....

I have never stacked any gear but want to run this for various reasons and want to keep more gains. I have an excellent diet and natural supplementation which always helps to boost the gains from AAS. I have a somewhat limited selection of what I can get my hands on at the time. With the previous response here is what I am thinking now:

w1 DBOL 25mg/day
w2 DBOL 30mg/day
w3 DBOL 30mg/day DECA 75mg/day
w4 DBOL 25mg/day DECA 50mg/day
w5 DBOL 25mg/day DECA 50mg/day
w6 DBOL 10mg/day
w7 DBOL 10mg/EOD
w8 Clomid 50mg/day
w9 Clomid 50mg/day

What do you guys think? I understand it is a little bit "light". But I think I will get out of it what I want. Anyone ran a similar stack???