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short cycles

Does this make sense for a short cycle? Day 1 400mg of aratest (200 enan, 50 prop per 250mg)…day 1-14 20mg anavar. I figure the enan would be mostly out of my system after two weeks (half life of a week or so). This wouldn’t make me huge but it would add steady strength gains for a few weeks at a time. I’m a first time user.

It would be a mild cycle, and certainly a safe one. It is possible you’d be pleased with the results.

It would be preferable to divide the Anavar into say 4 doses per day.

Well, long story, but I couldn’t get the test yet. So I just injected (my first injection!) went really smooth…1.4 ccs of 300mg deca. So this is 420mgs…at about two weeks it will be 105mgs left. Do you think the remaining taper from this 105 will be enough to cause inhibition? I have plenty of clomid but hope not to use it. Any thoughts? I’m 6’1", 240, 20% bf (must have heavy bones cause I’m not really that big).

Thanks for your reply Bill, you’re really doing the Lord’s work here!

I don’t believe you’ll have a problem in week 3 with much inhibition from the Deca, because the dose was so small. 420 mg in one injection does not get you up to the blopd levels typical of continued 420 mg/week usage, but only to about half that. So, you’re initially at the 210 mg/week level, which is 2/3 or 3/4 inhibitory,
and if the half-life is 7 days (it may be a little longer) then at 2 weeks you’re at about the 50 mg/week level which is very low inhibitory (100 mg/week is about 50%, so this would have to be considerably less than that.)

If the half life is 10 days (measurements seem imprecise on this) then levels have still dropped by 2.6 times as week 1 begins, or to the 78 mg/week level, which is still only partially inhibitory and will allow recovery to begin.

I would still use the Clomid in at least the first 2 off weeks.