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Short Cycles

I am considering taking a short cycle based on Brian Batcheldor’s four part article (link on the FAQ section). He believes that 3 weeks on, 1 week off, 2 weeks on and 3 weeks of has produced some remarkable results. He suggested a range of substances in constructing such a cycle.

Has anyone tried this protocol? Or, has anyone tried something similar? Did you find less side effects such as water retention and testicular function? Views and opinions would be welcome.


It depends on your goals and your current state. I liked this at one time but I am not what I consider a seasoned juice head. Give it a shot and see if you get what you want out of it. In the longer term it may be good gains with less total time on/sides. It think it’s good for little bursts of mass for guys who aren’t looking to gain 30lbs and compete.

If you are trying to get lean you may prefer a longer consecutive run. Also,
If you are a seasoned juice head or competitive bodybuilder looking to gain a lot of size/strength, I doubt you’ll find anything more ‘magical’ than a 12 week cycle with test, tren and dbol.

imo one week off is a complete waste of time. even if you are using short acting esters those drugs will be in your system for 3-4 days after final injection.

there has been research that has shown that your natural test production is effected after just two weeks on. so after 3 weeks you would surely be shut down. the one week off is not enough time to restore test function before starting another cycle.

if your going to do short cycles i would go for two weeks on at a time. that said, personally i would just run the cycle for 8 weeks and then focus on recovery.

I agree with P-dog.

im honored that p-22 agrees with me!

thanks guys, useful thoughts. I’m not looking to compete, or pile of 30 lbs of muscle. My goal is to continuously improve my overall appearance. I’m 6ft and about 208lbs. Haven’t had my body fat measured, but I can see some abs & obliques although there’s plenty of room for improvement. I’ve been lifting for about 4 years now, with the last three getting more and more serious (better nutrition etc). I am getting the impression that I have pretty much reached a genetic limit and have tried a couple of longer cycles (8 weeks) and was just curious about the shorter ones.

it alaways cracks me up when guys say “i dont want to put on 30 lbs.”

thats great, i respect that choice. but if you dont want to put on 30 lbs why are you using aas? train naturally or try some mag 10 if you only want to put on a few lbs.

I dont want to put on 130, but another 30 more on top of what I have would be nice

P-dog is right about suppression occuring fast… My short cycles were 2 on /3-4 off as Bill Roberts used to talk about… My goals were performance enhancement, not really weight gain. Eventually my goal of maintaining or even cutting weight while keeping strength high pushed me into longer cycles of 6 weeks.

Any short cycle ideas for Winny? I heard 14 days on, 14 days off, 10 days on, 10 days off. I too am looking for performance enhancement.

Brian Batcheldor put together a pretty good sample of what you might do if you decide to go that route. I’ve found the cycle to be effective but it would be alot easier to take test/Eq/d-bol. Also, I believe that better results will be achieved if you stay on a cycle for eight weeks. Results usually don’t start until week three and by then, you would be taking a week off from anabolics to use HCG every other day at 1,500 i.u. I am very familiar with that cycle and believe that over all better results will be achieved with proper use of anabolics and longer cycles

So how about 3 weeks on/2 weeks off/3 weeks on? If I am taking just Winny is 1cc EOD cool or should there be some kind of pyramid like .5,1.0,1.5?

Short cycles require the use of fast acting/clearing AS like test prop, tren, and d-bol. Otherwise you’re already off when results start showing. Not sure how well EQ would be for a 2-weeker…

Also with regards to P-dog’s Mag-10 suggestion, outside the US, laws and product availability are different. Prohormones may not be as practical and/or economical.

The only real success I had with short cycles were 2 on 2 off for 4 consecutive cycles. I used short esters usually tren/winny. Main goal was muscleature and maintenance of weight. What it did was allow me to maintain the “on” look over a longer period rather then the fluctuation that occurs with a longer on time then the requisite long off time.