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Short Cycles & Planned Llifting


I would understand a longer AAS cycle and phase or block of training to coincide. But when using short cycles, such as the 2on/4off, has anyone actually tried to plan that along with actual blocks of training?

Or just continue with training and continually follow a 2 on 4 off, despite what you are doing in training sessions.

Any Ideas?

you would obviously up the frequency and intensity of your training when you are on…you should be able to recover quicker and lift heavier juiced.

this is one of the advantages of a short cycle…anyone can dial it in and kill it for 2 weeks as long as they time it right…it is a lot harder to time a 12 week cycle so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily life (trips, holidays, injuries, illness…a lot of shit can happen).

with 2 weekers a lot of people find they still make some gains in the week or two following as well from rebound of natural test but basically you would be trying to make progress on the on weeks and then just maintain during the off weeks.

If interested I have an article on Mesomorphosis with a title something like, an integrated drug, training, and nutrition plan.

In it the results of “Jim” (by the way, a succesful doctor today) are reported along with the exact training program I wrote for him, which indeed was intended to work with the steroid cycle plan.

I haven’t read it in years – not sure if I’ve read it at all past the 1 year or so point after writing it – and might not do the same today in terms of training, but it wasn’t ridiculously poor anyway.

In that situation though the lifter didn’t have any kind of particular training program that was working for him: just was doing this and that. Also some things about it were designed for his particular preferences or around particular limitations. It was never intended to be an ideal for anyone else or for an example “average” target audience person.

If already having a well developed program and wanting to stick with it, then certainly it’s not necessary to abandron the program. The “on” weeks can be in the part that is expected to offer the best hope for muscle gain, and depending on what the planned volume is, it might well be ramped up some. The first “off” week should be reduced volume and should maintain relatively heavy weight. Other than that a great deal of change from a long term program that works well, really isn’t necesssary.

Ah…thank you