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Short Cycles of Fina Only

any opinions on a 4 or 5 week cycle of fina only…? thinking about 75mg ed…

Why don’t you do a search first, before asking such an absurdly common question. The opinion of tren only on this board is quite clear in the dozens of other threads about the subject.

looked but cant find anything on 4 or 5 week only fina cycles…i will keep looking…sorry to have offended you…

I am not offended. The length of a tren only cycle has little to do with the reasons why people aren’t thrilled with it. You will get a general idea of why tren only is frowned upon by reading the previous threads. If you have any specific questions that weren’t covered in those threads feel free to ask.

so wheels, is there a reason why you would think that cause its a 4-5 week cycle it would be any different than a cycle of any other length?

not trying to flame here just asking.

just wondering if 4 or 5 weeks is enough…ive done longer fina only but the sides are rough…

[quote]wheels wrote:
just wondering if 4 or 5 weeks is enough…ive done longer fina only but the sides are rough…[/quote]

Mix it with test.

This fixes a good half of the problems associated with tren usage.

Or take HCG according to protocols I’ve posted many times.

Though of course injecting testosterone can give more total positive effect. However testosterone and resulting estrogen achieved from HCG stimulation is enough to solve the problem of a tren-only cycle.

thats the other problem, can’t get test…

and i am extremely gyno sensitive on test…

Aromatase Inhibitors make gyno a thought of the past.

How much research have you actually done on proper steroid usage?

Bill Roberts also gave you another option besides using Testosterone if you really don’t want to risk using it.

actually a lot…
just wanted opinions and others experiences…

i have had good results with fina only cycles but ran them for 7 to 9 weeks…the last time i ran a fina only cyle it seemed the sides were a lot worse than previous times…

yooo wheels! i ran that shit for 17 weeks and i didnt notice too many sides except for a little pain in my sac. im not sure if that was from my vacation or the tren bra

too much

[quote]joey eggs wrote:
i had good results with 150mg ed [/quote]

Without knowing anything about the OP’s training history, AAS history, current stats etc, and without sharing any of the same information about yourself, you just casually throw this out there??

At least now you know why I just reported your post.

you ran tren solo
150mg/day for 17weeks?

yeah 17 weeks bra would of been 20 but my dude used up the rest when i was drunk one night.

I reported you as well, please stop posting


my info is as follows…
34 years old
225 lbs about 17%bf
lifting about 12 years…

ran about 3 tren cycles last one was about 3 years ago…
2 were tren/prop 75mg/50 a day for 7 weeks

tren only at 100/day 8 weeks