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Short Cycle


4 Weeks

Test Susp Front Load 200mg Day 1,2,3 then 100mg EOD
TrenAcetate Front Load 200mg Day 1,2,3 then 100mg EOD
DBol 50mg ED

1150gm/wk (not counting Front Load)

Nolvadex 10mg ED post cycle two weeks
Clomid 50mg ED post cycle two weeks

Then cruise TBol or AV as a bridge for 3wk
Jump back in


test susp has to be ED, and is better 2x per day. maybe switch it with prop.

everything else looks pretty good. although i'd say you will need time off after your "bridge" and second short cycle. actually, i'd drop the "bridge" since you will not be off at all during this time and will be further suppressing yourself. i'd also tweak your pct a little....maybe 3 weeks of clomid, and defiantely add in some TRIBEX or Alpha Male plus some ZMA....you went all out with your AAS...why cop out on the pct portion? just my opinion.

so, i like the overall idea and the AAS chosen: but i would drop the susp for prop (unless you can handle the frequent injects), i would drop the "bridge" (maybe consider Carbolin 19 instead), and i would tweak your pct a little.


I checked out your stats and you're pretty similar to me in height and built. Keep updating us on your progress, i plan a short cycle of my own probably end of this year


ok, why are people still looking to "bridge"? does anyone still believe that this practice is effective? no matter what gear you are using, if you're on you're on.


With such short esters - why front load? Test suspension has no ester. It won't help you a bit to front load it. Tren Ace only has like a 3 day half life - no real need to front load it either.

Just my opinion.


Good point. No need to front with short acting esters. Your blood levels will be up quickly either way.


Holy shitballs... EOD with Test Suspension?? Get the fuck out of here!!!
Frontloading Test Susp, let alone Tren Ace?



ahhh...that's a funny one Martin. Thanks.


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I was thinking of using one of the new oil-based suspensions, with obvious longer dispersion timing. Okay to no Front load, though I think Katz had a different opinion? Thanks to all, four weeks acceptable?


"No real need to frontload acetate, prop and phenylprop yes, acetate no."

Arent the half lives of acetate and prop very similiar? why front one and not the other?


I had discussed this in an earlier post, with a variety of replies, i think its also called Short Cycle. In short cycles fronting a medium acting ester is effective, when followed by short acting drugs for the remainder of the cycle. It will kick in when the bulk of the gains are made and exit your system by the end of the cycle. However it needs to be done at the VERY start of the cycle. eg.

Week 1 - Front 1000mg Test S
Weeks 1-4 Test Prop ED or EOD
Weeks 1-4 Tren EOD
Weeks 1-4 D-bol ED

something like this. Your original cycle setup wasnt that bad but i think your blood levels will be a little wacky without including the prop.


sorry folks misread the post thinking of enanthate not suspension, anyways on another note. I agree with prop. I'm done


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