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Short cycle with winstrol/enanthate

Did a search but couldn’t find anything on this. Is it possible to do a “nice” short cycle (14 days) with winstrol and enanthate? Dosage? Please help

Doubtful, I’m no expert, but you’d be better off using a shorter acting T, like prop. Dosage? You’ll have to post some personal info before anyone will recommend something.

Enth has a half life of something like 4-5 days, so only use it on day1. Something like 600-1000mg on day 1. Use winstrol something like 50mg EOD (injected) or even 50mg ED if your’e drinking it or taking tabs…

I am assuming you already have this stuff. I personally have been very satisfied with the results of a two week cycle. I would do all the Enanthate first and then do the Winny to hold what you got.