Short cycle with primobolan depot

I just would like to know if primobolan is good for a short cycle, 2 weeks at 400mg primobolan, and 4 weeks off…and then the same thing again…I want to gain about 10lb and keep most off it, therefor I think that primobolan depot maybe is a good alternative, or?

Yes, you can use Primobolan even though it has a medium half life, because Primobolan exhibits a better anabolic/inhibitory ratio than most steroids. The only problems are that a large volume of steroid is needed, since Primo is only 100 mg/mL and you need a lot of mg; and the price.

To get off to a reasonable – not very powerful, but reasonable – start, at least 600 mg is needed on the first day. A gram or even 1500 mg would be better, seriously… that’s not like using 1500 mg/week of Primo but more like using somewhat less than a gram, because of “loading dose” reasons I have discussed several times previously. That could be supplemented with 200 mg twice a week after that, till the middle of week two.

I would rather see it stacked with Winstrol. 600 mg or more on day 1, followed by 200 mg twice a week; and with 200 mg Winstrol Depot on day 1 followed by 50 mg/day in week one only (50 mg/day oral can be used in week 2) is a very nice, reasonable cycle. Expensive though.

I think that 400mg will do the job, but you would get better results if you took 200mg of primo with either d/bol (10mgs) a day or wintrol at the same dosage.
Glad to hear that you chose a safe yet effective anabolic. The d/bol and winstrol are safe at only 10 to 20 mgs a day. 2 to 4 weeks on with the same amount of time off if not more is very safe and recommended.

Good luck and let me know the results,