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Short Cycle Thoughts


Hi all,

Finally recovered and back to normal after coming off a deca cycle some 7 months ago… never again.

Looking to run a short and sweet Test Prop/Dbol cycle.
Looking like this:

Wk 1-5 Test Prop 400mg (100mg EoD)
Wk 1-5 Dbol 40mg (ED)
Wk 1-5 Arimidex 4mg (1mg EOD with each Prop injection injection)


  • nolva 20mg ED 5 weeks

My second time using prop, going for faster body recomp (opposed to Test e). Dbol to aid muscle mass/strength.
Using a short cycle to minimise shutdown/recover time, also time between next cycle.

Any thoughts or is it good to go?


Looks good. Add in HCG then good to go.

I never run fast acting cycles shorter than 6 weeks becuase I feel the fun is in full force at the 4-5 week mark ha!


Considered adding HCG but not sure its worth the cost (from AUS), since I have recovered fine from 8/10 weekers without it.
Im trying to source it cheaper atm (potentially from a pharmacy hookup), costs around $250-300 for 5000IU, being more costly than the rest of the cycle combined lol


Holy shit! Not quite literally 10 x UK price!

Well, I guess at that cost then short Test cycles with SERM PCT is the realistic choice… I then just wouldn’t run anything heavier like Tren without it…


you’re pinning 400mg of prop eod? That’s brutal


I presumed he meant 400 per week… Ouch if its 400 eod!


yeah I thought that at first, but if that’s the case then it’s a shitload of adex


I saw KSman recomend 1mg Adex for every 100mg Test… Which in this case fits the bill… I personally find 0.5mg good until I hit 750+ then bump to 1mg eod.


yeah it makes sense if the prop dose is 400mg eod, but it’s brutally high if it’s 400mg/week

I like letro when test gets high. Have been using aromasin of late and I don’t like it. Can’t seem to get the dosing right at all.


I assumed it was 400 EOD. That ends up being 1200ish a week, which isn’t insane at all, especially since he’s running such a short cycle. I guess it depends on this guy’s history whether or not that’s a good number. If I was going to run a prop/dbol only cycle for 5 weeks, I’d probably dose similarly.


Pardon the error! i mean 400mg total per/wk, so 100mg EOD.
Armi is 1mg EOD
DBOL 40mg ED


Completed 4 cycles, never with an oral so i’m testing the waters


Ill begin with Adex 1mg EOD and assess, if too much then drop to 0.5mg EOD


I really do think that 1mg adex eod is way too much for 400mg of test and 50mg dbol. If you insist on using that then keep an eye on how your joints are feeling and don’t be surprised if you’re pushing rope after a week or two.


agreed. I’m running half that dose of adex with double the test, 400 EQ, and now 400 tren starting a week ago. And I’m only using it mwf. When I add in Dbol, I’ll probably go up to .75mg MWF. I doubt I’ll need a full mg


300$??? 5000IUs cost 4 bucks around here


That means that if you’re on 800mg of test you would have to use 8 mg of arimidex. Isn’t that too much?


There are isn’t really any anecdotal data to show how the dosage of adex would scale as the testosterone dose is increased beyond TRT levels so you can only really go on your individual lab work. User’s above have suggested that they would use considerably less and i think Andy uses around 1mg eod when on 1g test p/w - I’m sure he will clarify.


I normally run 0.5mg adex eod when on 250-500 test and 1mg eod when test is 750/1g + with or wothout another compound.

I was just mentioning what KSman has recently posted which is where I thought you might have gotten your original
Adex dosing from.

In short, I would do 0.5mg eod on anything between 250-500mg of Test pw.


Interesting, I am planning to do 0.5 eod for my 400 mg cycle. As far as I can understand this is the protocol that most guys use for similar doses.By the way have you seen any negative effects on cholesterol from that dosage?