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Short Cycle - Test Susp/Winny, Triptorelin?


Hey guys this is my first post on this forum for quite some time... I swore off drugs for a while, for moral reasons, being an athlete I wanted to believe I could make it where I wanted to be without drugs, but I've decided to hop back on the train after jumping up a level in competition, where my natural talent (or lack thereof) isn't gonna cut it. its also been hard to keep up with recovery from this level of training when working almost a full time job.

With that being said, I have a short span of time (8 weeks) to get a cycle in before I have the change of getting tested, and I was looking for one last boost in performance before the competitive season starts. The only problem I had with my plan is that taking typical PCT drugs would greatly increase my chances of testing positive, if I get tested at all, which certainly may be possible if a noticeable increase in my performance is seen once I start competing post cycle. So how does this look:

Test Suspension 100mg ED Weeks 1-7
Oral Winstrol 50mg ED Weeks 1-4
Anastrozole .25mg EOD Weeks 1-7
HCG 500iu 2x Week, Weeks 2-7
Triptorelin 100mcg 2-3 days after last pin

So its obvious that due to time constraints and testing procedures using a typical Nolva/clomid PCT has been left out. I understand I'm taking a risk by using a relatively unresearched peptide in triptorelin, but I'm willing to do what it takes. I'm also planning on getting blood work done before the start of my cycle, and also two weeks after my pin of trip in order to make sure things are going smoothly. If not, I will also have clomid on hand, and once again take a risk in being tested. Not sure if I'd take short term athletic success over living a normal, healthy life. I'm sure someone will say "why not just take clomid from the start" and thats a good point, but we'll see when the time comes how good my performances are and how good my chances are of getting tested.

Had a couple questions though:

  1. Will daily injection pain from suspension be too much, and possibly affect my training? or would anyone with a decent willpower be able to train through it?

  2. Is HCG necessary? I've read hcg and trip should be combined, but wasn't sure since this is relatively short cycle.

  3. Is triptorelin applicable in this situation? I've read that it should only be used after periods of long shutdown. not sure if a mild-ish cycle of 7 weeks like this one warrants use of such a powerful peptide. Just figured it has the same end result as typical PCT drugs (get natural LH working again) with much less chance of detection.

  4. if triptorelin isnt applicable, are there any other suggestions (in b4 nolva/clomid)?

Thanks guys. Any response is appreciated.


In the one sticky in this thread, in the 2nd post, you will find links to good reference threads, many which were once stickies.

Please also see: https://forums.t-nation.com/t/the-pct-serm-dosing-in-this-forum-is-wrong/211742?u=ksman

Note that Anastrozole .25mg EOD will not control that much T! That is enough for a 100mg/week TRT dose.

hCG will keep your testes from shutting down, making PCT a simple transition instead of also been recovery of form and function. 250iu hCG SC EOD would be better fit to its half-life.

That much T suspension is equivalent to 1000mg/week T cypionate.

If PCT or lack of PCT fails, your competitive edge may be losts.


Thank you for your input... so .25mg ED, .5mg EOD, .5mg ED? Which one, couldn't find the answer in those stickies. I mean I could always work up to the dose I feel will fit me best, but id rather have a solid opinion.

Like I said I'm still considering using a typical PCT, it's just very hard to convince myself to do so.