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Short Cycle Protocols

has anyone tried the 2 week on 4 week off approach outlined by bill roberts.

Im going to give it a go just wondered if anyone has any experience with this.


it works very well if you are in for long term improvement and not a quick blow up in muscle mass.

I plan on doing 5 of these back 2 back from now till christmas and see how it goes. ive done loads of research on it and it sounds good to me. will be running test prop and dbol for first few then going to try tren ace and anadrol.

I’ve had good success with short cycles of MAG-10 Legacy, and I expect to try some short AAS cycles somewhere down the road as well.

shound good chill, would like to know other people’s experience with these, trying to gey as much info as possible before i start. hoping to start them in a month. cant wait.