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Short Cycle PCT

3 weeker t prop 400 mg wk npp 400 wk anavar 50 mg ed proviron 50 mg ed. pct
week1 clomid 100mg
week 2 nolva 30 mg ed
week 3 off
week 4 start up again
week 1 100 mg clomid 30 mg nolva
week 2 50 mg clomid 20 mg nolva
week 3 off

which one do you guys like? or any other ideas?
this is my first short 1, opinions are appreciated…thanks

bro, when i was doing my 3 weekers i would choose clomid or nolvadex and stick w/ it as a stand alone for recovery. I would go with either 100mg/d for 3 wks of clomid, or 40mg/d for 3 weeks w/ the nolvadex…then I would take a week or two off w/ just supplements like tribulus and avena before i started another cycle.


I don’t think 3 weeks off is long enough to ‘normalize’ before starting another cycle. If true htpa health is the concern, I would definitey increase the time off to six weeks compared to the time on. I hate to be a party pooper but thats just the nature of the beast.